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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 02:17
Makgeolli exports to exceed $50 million
Exports of makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine, are expected to soon surpass $50 million for the first time thanks to the boom of “well-being” food, the popular Korean wave, or hallyu, extending worldwide, and successful localization marketing campaigns.
’Kkokkomyeon’ to be exported to 20 nations
Korea’s popular instant noodles dish flavored with chicken broth is set to whet international appetites.
Annual trade volume to top $1 tril. next week
Korea’s exports for the first 11 months set a record high of about $500 billion, the eighth largest volume of exports in the world, according to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Thursday.
Unmanned tilt-rotor vertical take-off aircraft unveiled
A state-funded aviation research institute unveiled an unmanned tilt-rotor aircraft Wednesday, making Korea one of the world’s few countries having the technology of vertical take-off and landing plane using helicopter-like rotors at the wingtips.
Algae-based sleep supplement debuts
Korea has discovered a natural sleep inducing substance from seaweed for the first time in the world, a state-funded food research institute announced Tuesday.
Himart gripped by power game
A feud over the rights to manage Himart, Korea’s largest electronics retailer, intensified Friday, as employees, supportive of incumbent CEO Seon Jong-koo vowed to stage a rally against Yoo Kyung-seon, CEO of Eugene Corp., a construction company holding the largest stake in the retail chain.
Imports of US pork, beef increasing
Korea’s imports of pork and beef from the United States surged this year in the aftermath of last winter’s foot-and-mouth outbreak and a temporary removal of tariffs, according to a quarantine body of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Thursday.
Hyundai completes Qatar project
Hyundai Engineering & Construction, the top builder in Korea, has completed construction of a liquid processing unit (LPU), one of the major components of Qatar’s Pearl gas-to-liquid (GTL) project, the firm announced Wednesday.
Korea’s growth to be assailed next year
Korea’s economy is expected to grow less than 4 percent next year amid deepening worries about eurozone debt problems and slowing demand from major economies, according to economic think tanks and other financial institutions.
State-run power agency strengthens CSR policy
The state-funded Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has pledged to further strengthen its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in an effort to play a pivotal role in helping those destitute and neglected as a responsible public company in the country.
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