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Thu, November 30, 2023 | 04:45
Sewol time warp
It was a year ago today. A news flash scrawl appeared on TV in the morning, saying a ferry was sinking but indicating there were few casualties. Then, the enormity of the tragedy fell one big piece by another into place, knocking the daylights out of the nation.
Lee recalls life as woman war reporter
If the United States had Christian Amanpour for CNN's Gulf War coverage, Korea had Lee Jin-sook, an MBC Television police reporter who found herself on a plane to Baghdad when the war broke out. The war brought both the women correspondents into the spotlight and changed their lives.
Just nuts
Newspapers and TV stations are having a field day after Korean Air’s heiress stopped an Incheon-bound flight in New York and threw out a cabin official for serving macadamia nuts in an unwrapped bag rather than on a plate.
Let's enjoy it
Can Korea repeat its 2002 World Cup glory? That would have been one of the last things to cross the minds of Korean fans. Their team’s lackluster performance in warm-up matches was a sobering experience, to say the least. Twenty-two years ago, the team advanced to the semifinals but settled for fourth place after losing to Turkey. Brazil was the champion and Germany the runne...
Kwon offers what Sandberg misses
Dear Ms. Sherly Sandberg, I am an admirer of your "Lean In" movement to empower women. I myself want to believe I am a strong supporter of women's causes.
One German's unification story
One subject about which Koreans would like to ask Germans about would be their experience with national reunification. So I did when I recently interviewed Dr. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp, chairman of the Family Board of Merck, the chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Darmstadt.
Secret of Merck success: mentality
What is the driving force behind Merck’s longevity and prosperity? The origin of German pharmaceutical and chemical company dates back to 1668 in Darmstadt, making it over 350 years old. The global firm is one of DAX 30 firms, big firms that are quoted for German stock index.
Ambassador Kim reaching out harder
I would ask U.S. Ambassador to Korea Sung Kim for an interview whenever I had the chance. Conservatively speaking, that would be no less than five times.
Hidden behind black rock-star attire
When we exchanged greetings before an interview, I was a bit surprised. She wore all black - back jeans and shirt. I failed to catch what shoes she had on but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her wear a black pair of sneakers.
Park shows gaiety, confidence
It was an unfair comparison. Just before former President Lee Myung-bak left Cheong Wa Dae, he invited a group of newspaper and TV news managing editors to a luncheon meeting, but said he wouldn’t take any questions.
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