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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 04:24
Debt deal needed between US and Asia: ex-PBC member
Yu Yongding, a prominent Chinese economist and a former member of the monetary policy committee of the Chinese central bank, said Asian countries including China and Korea should pursue common interest facing the inflationary monetary policy of the United States.
Wireless spectrum auction ― a trillion-won game
The lobby of the Telecommunications Technology Association building was too calm to be a place where the largest auction in the history of Korea was taking place. “Reporters and TV cameras came here only on the first day. It has been very quiet since then,” a lone security guard said on Thursday, the seventh day of the mobile phone spectrum auction.
KOSPI rebanacing due after crash
Foreigners sell, Koreans buy; foreigners may return to buy when, or if, the messy problems regarding government debts in their home countries are solved. But when they do return, they will find that their influence has shrunk in the KOSPI market, analysts say.
’Korea’s MBA schools better than Japan’s’
Korean business schools are more internationalized and have better faculties than schools in Japan, says the dean of Yonsei University School of Business
For Otis Korea, high-tech elevators offer room to grow
The room where Thomas Vining greeted Business Focus reporters looked like an ordinary corporate meeting facility, except that there were dark windows on one side. When he pushed a button on the wall, the windows suddenly lit up, revealing a group of people in a large control room behind. It was not obvious whether the workers on the other side could see through the windows, a...
’Lone Star should let go’
Park Sang-yong, the dean of Yonsei School of Business, is an expert in capital markets and corporate finance. A Ph.D from New York University, he held various public positions, including a non-standing commissioner at the Financial Supervisory Commission.
One company, many homes in Vining’s career
Although he has moved around the world during his 23-year career, Thomas Vining has stuck with a single employer.
MBA life - Strong alumni network of CUMBA
Angus Wong, 32, is in his second year in the Chinese University of Hong Kong's MBA program (CUMBA). Previously a consultant, Wong is looking to go into private equities or venture capital. After talking to professionals, many of whom are CUMBA alumni, at events organized by the school, he decided on the direction of his career path.
GMAT Exercise - 8
GMAT Exercise - 8
Stock picks - Buy Samsung Elec., Sell LG Chem
A stock analyst may need a lion’s heart to tell people to buy stocks in the current situation, as the global equity markets are hit by a selling spree. But on Friday, a Samsung Securities analyst was brazen enough to put Samsung Electronics, its sister company, on the top of his buy list, giving it a 10-percent weight in his virtual portfolio.
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