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Wed, September 27, 2023 | 15:28
Japan's killing culture
When backed into an intellectual corner, clinging desperately to the last remaining shreds of an argument, it is not unusual for people to play the “culture card.” Flipping this card on to the playing table effectively ends the game without winning it. Players cautiously step back, debates disintegrate and everyone becomes aware that the playing field is no longer level. This...
The history fire could not destroy
News that the renowned Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was being destroyed by fire made headlines around the world. Formal and informal messages of condolence flooded in from Russia, the U.S., Israel, Turkey, Asia-Pacific nations, South Korea, China, Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, the United Nations and, of course, every European country.
The Japanese who fought for Korea's freedom
As the ever-changing tension between Japan and South Korea tugs and pulls at opinions, there is a victim that few pay any attention to. That victim is history. In Japan's re-telling of the colonial and war years, history's gray areas have often been smudged, if not completely erased. Sanitized and made palatable for Japanese sensitivities, this less-offensive history minimize...
Can peace exist without justice?
Kim Jong-un and his rogue regime have enjoyed the spotlight several times this year, and not for their usual list of crimes.
Is President Moon 'the people's president'?
The sexually exploitive and abusive crimes of certain Korean celebrities are now more than allegations. Arrests have been made, confessions have been recorded. Others involved are, to varying degrees, admitting their guilt.
The exploitation of Korea's most precious resources - SOPA Students find their voice
If the Me#Too campaign passed by the Seoul School of Performing Arts, it must have taken a cursory glance and kept on moving. If campaigners had been able to look inside the school, they would have demanded answers, but like other 'closed society' institutions, the school's black-out curtains had been pulled tight.
The dust storm - how the blame game costs lives
Parts of South Korea have been blanketed in fine dust particles again. On March 13, pollution in Sangdaewon-dong in the Gyeonggi Province was at emergency level. No-one there should have been outdoors.
Can forgiveness be Korea's ultimate revenge on Japan?
When an elderly woman stood behind the podium to speak at Germany's Biomedical Sciences symposium, few were prepared for what they would hear. The woman was Eva Mozes Kor. When Eva was a young Romanian girl, she, her parents and three sisters were forced at gunpoint on to a cattle train and taken to the infamous Nazi death camp, Auschwitz.
The culture of crowd: How Seoul's crowded environment misrepresents the character of Koreans
When my brother and I were young, we bought a pair of Mus musculus domesticus, otherwise known as pet mice. Our endearing and furry little rodent friends were given a very large mouse house in which to play and make more little mice. To our excitement, they did both. In fact, they continued to do both, until we had to partition off the wee furry bairns from their big furry ki...
Where have all the children gone?
This will be the question on the lips of Koreans, and visitors to Korea, if the current birth rate does not change. Demographers are now projecting a new set of endgame figures that point to the possibility of a nation without children. Korean children, inarguably among the most delightful in the world, are statistically disappearing. This is without question a national crisi...