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Fri, December 2, 2022 | 16:01
Free online Korean lessons
Date : 2019-01-23 / Hit : 9747
I am a native Korean who has been teaching Korean for a few month in the online and would like to have some chance for myself to make better teacher.
I want to have some students who want to study Korean with me for me to practice my teaching skill with following conditions.

1. Have to take lessons at least once a week
(one hour per lesson)
2. Time negotiable Monday to Friday
3. 2 lessons straight absence means no more lesson
4. Free books provided
5. Via skype only
6. *Beginner levels only from lower to upper beginners

I think this would be a win-win opportunity for both.
I am looking for someone who is passionate in learning Korean so that we can help each other.
Pls email me to if u r interested for a trial lesson.