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Sat, December 4, 2021 | 10:49
Looking for an Email Pal
Date : 2017-11-11 / Hit : 6242
Hello. I'm a Korean guy in Seoul. I'm neither young enough to talk about K-pops nor old enough to talk about diabetes and stuff. I'm serious about mastering the English language. So, as a way of doing it, I'm looking for an email pal who is willing to help me with English and serious about learning Korean.

Here's how we exchange emails for the purpose of improving each other's target languages.

1. For a start, send me an email by using Korean. I'll write an email in English.

2. When emailing me back, you need to write two types of writings in one email: one is an email for me that is typed in Korean and the other is the rephrased or corrected version of the email you got from me. Since my English is nowhere near perfection, you will easily find something grammatically incorrect or something that is grammatically correct but sounds awkward in my email. If you find anything like this, please feel free to fix it. I'll do the same for you.

3. Let's limit our email to 5~10 sentences. Otherwise this email-exchanging could be very time-consuming and exhausting like a boring homework. And unless we are extremely busy or something, let's try to respond to the email within a couple of days.

I hope you understand how this works. Even if you don't, you don't have to worry about anything. Just send me an email that is written in Korean, and then I'll write you back. My first email will be a clear example of how you should write in your second email.

Please, add English self-introduction to your first email.

If you like this idea, contact me at

Thank you.

P.S. - Your age, gender, country, or current location don't really matter. However, I'm hoping to find a native speaker of English who is very knowledgeable of English grammar and who is very serious about learning the Korean language or something related to South Korea such as its culture, history, etc.

And since you need to write an email in Korean, your skill level of Korean should be at or above an intermediate level.