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Photography classes and Workshops
Date : 2016-04-08 / Hit : 10382
Beginner’s STUDIO LIGHTING (with studio flashes) workshops (April/May 2016) - SEOUL

starts on April 23rd (every following Saturdays: 04/30 - 05/07 - 05/14 - 05/21 - 05/28)

Length: 4 hours (2x15 min. breaks)
Workshop fee: KRW 195,000
*all workshop fees must be paid in advance to secure your seat.
Min. 3 - max. 6 participants per workshop

A first step into the magical world of STUDIO LIGHTING with a set of studio flashes:
- using the light meter
- how to setup one light source
- 2 light sources and then 3 light sources.

In studio, you are in total control of the lighting and you are using blacked out room (from external light) with ‘artificial’ light sources commonly called strobes or flashes (not camera flash).

You are welcome to bring along your friend to be the ‘live’ model of the shooting session (or I can provide someone if requested).

This module (workshop) is composed of 1.5 hours theory (how to setup and to understand the light), how to prepare your studio, tips on how to direct your 'model'.
Then it will be followed by 2 hours practice with your own ‘model'.

For more informations, please email:
KAKAO ID: vincentsung
Location: Seoul (Yongsan area)

Vincent Sung is an experienced & published photographer with over 15 years of experiences shooting in Seoul - Korea and internationally which works appeared in magazines like: ELLE (Korea), Harper's Bazaar (Korea & Thailand), ELLE DECO (Indonesia), VOGUE (Korea), Robb Report (Thailand), Conde Nast Traveller (UK), World Travel luxury magazine, Wanderlust (Thailand).

Mobile in Korea +82(0)10-7368-4331
Mobile in Thailand +66(0)813 012 669