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IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CONSULTING: Results-driven Coaching by Successful Lawyers/Engineers/Doctors/I-Bankers from Top 15 Schools
Date : 2014-03-14 / Hit : 12376

Phone: (818) 641-5980
Initial Consultation: Free 30-minute consultation


* Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale

* Penn Wharton and M&T, Brown PLME (8-year direct admit AB/MD medical school program), Northwestern HPME (8-year medical program), Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program

* Cornell, Duke, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, Amherst, UC-Berkeley Engineering (including EE/CS)


Most applicants blend into the crowd and get rejected. Dare to be bold, dare to be original. We help you stand out and seal the deal.

Our admissions consultants, who possess an in-depth understanding of the elite college admissions game in addition to being successful working lawyers, engineers, investment bankers and doctors with degrees from the top schools in the country, will custom-tailor solutions to maximize your results. We offer personalized, game-changing admissions consulting strategies and vehicles to empower each applicant in achieving peak performance, both technically and artistically, in front of the panel of judges in charge of admissions at elite colleges.

Our clients come from many different walks of life, but what they share is a strong desire to achieve their dreams. We work with motivated clients to understand their dreams, to help them in overcoming their limiting beliefs, to guide them in their career development, and to help communicate their best selves in a compelling manner to conquer this highly subjective process.


* MAKING MISSION IMPOSSIBLE VERY POSSIBLE: Proven track record of consistently getting Asian applicants, both American and International, with below median SAT/GPA’s, into the top 15 undergraduate institutions in the country (and no, it’s not by studying harder).

* BUSY PROFESSIONAL BY DAY, ADMISSIONS CONSULTANT BY NIGHT: Because all of our admissions consultants have successful careers at some of the top white shoe law firms, investment banks, research hospitals and tech companies in the country, we are emotionally invested in your educational outcome.

* WE PLAY TO WIN: Since our consultants tend to be type-A personality, competitive individuals who are accomplished professionals in their respective fields, our competitive zeal translates into fighting fiercely to get you into your top choice colleges; we take it personally when you don’t get in.

* GENEROUS WITH OUR TIME: Many college consultants who rely exclusively on their work to earn a living are often emotionally more invested in doing the minimum to pay their rent than in their client’s actual results. Horror stories of consultants who start a timer then cut the client off exactly at the end of the 1 hour consulting session do not apply to us; you are a prized investment we want to see hit full potential, not a burden to be tolerated in order to collect a paycheck.

* INSIDER CLARITY: All of our consultants have been on the admissions committees at top undergraduate and top professional graduate programs, having read countless applications and knowing what distinguishes the acceptances from the borderline rejections. When we tell you what a particular Ivy League institution is looking for in its applicants, it’s not based on conjecture; it’s the truth coming straight from the horse’s mouth who rejected an applicant just like you.

* INVALUABLE CAREER ADVICE FROM TALENTED WRITERS: All of our consultants possess professional and graduate degrees from top 15 schools in their chosen fields; in addition to helping you craft a compelling personal statement, we love mentoring students on the realities of their chosen dream professions since we’ve lived those realities for the past decade plus.


* BUFFER BETWEEN PARENT AND APPLICANT: Applying to elite colleges is stressful. We ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible for both parents and applicant by serving as a buffer while at the same time, being the applicant’s strongest advocate.

* GETTING TO KNOW WHAT MAKES YOU TICK: Initial due diligence and analysis to learn about your dreams and aspirations, to discover what you’ve accomplished so far academically and extra-curricularly, and to identify any weaknesses so that we can transform them into strengths before the deadlines.

* PERSONALIZING THE MAGIC FORMULA: Creatively brainstorming a memorable positioning strategy to center your application elements around, and suggesting concrete extra-curricular and intellectual pursuits to maximize your positioning strategy.

* PICKING THE RIGHT SCHOOLS: We not only help you choose standard sets of stretches/targets/safeties, but we challenge you to think outside the box and to explore colleges that would be great fits with your career goals and personality that you would not have thought of originally.

* RECOMMENDATION LETTERS THAT ENHANCE YOUR POSITIONING STRATEGY AND MAKE YOU STAND OUT: Most top students have surprisingly bland recommendation letters; we don’t let our clients get away with anything less than glowing letters. We coach you on what teachers would best be able to speak intelligently to your specific academic and personal strengths. We also help you prepare a cover letter, resume and portfolio of work from a recommender’s class to present at a personal meeting to maximize your recommendation letter’s impact on readers.

* MAKING THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU THROUGH YOUR ESSAYS: Our clients submit memorable essays that not only reveal what it is that makes them tick, but that leaves the admissions reader wanting to go to bat at committee meetings to advocate for our client’s acceptance. Many of our clients have received personal, handwritten comments on their acceptance letters indicating how much their essays stood out.

* HITTING THE COLLEGE-SPECIFIC SUPPLEMENTAL ESSAYS OUT OF THE BALLPARK: We know the top 20 schools in the country inside and out. Our clients submit supplemental essays that make it clear that not only have they done extensive research on the school’s program, but that they can intelligently articulate why they are a perfect fit for that college and what they could contribute to the college that no one else could.

* THE MAGIC IS IN THE DETAILS: We work with you to perfect your activity sheet and addendums, turning academic weaknesses into strengths by explaining them away in a mature, intelligent manner. We also work extensively with you on your activity sheet to support your overall positioning strategy and to ensure that you come across as a unique, likable applicant who is irresistible on paper.

* INTERVIEWS AND FINANCIAL AID: We prep you for mock interviews with tough questions so that the real interviews will be a breeze in comparison. Our clients dictate their interviews so that they control what is written on the interview evaluations by controlling the content and flow of the interview itself. We also give you the inside details on what schools will take financial need into consideration when deciding who to accept and deny.

* ATTACKING THE WAITLIST: We develop plans with our clients to aggressively take action to get them off waitlists. This usually involves a multi-pronged approach combining a letter of interest, re-positioning financial aid need and reaching out to faculty connections in their specific department of study.

* WILL THE GLASS SLIPPER FIT?: After acceptances roll in and the victory dance is done, we work with you to peel off each school’s Ferrari sticker to evaluate what each school truly has to offer someone with your career interests, personality and social demeanor. Sometimes the obvious choice is the wrong choice. We challenge you to choose a school not only for its brand-name, but for the four year college experience and the person you want to become.


* FAMILIARITY TRANSLATES TO COMPELLING APPLICATIONS: We love working with motivated and driven high school freshman and sophomores who want to get a jumpstart on the process. We get to know our sophomore year clients so well that by the time they apply as seniors, knowing how to compellingly present them to the admissions committee is a foregone conclusion.

* MOLDING YOUR PASSIONS: We challenge our sophomore clients to really pursue their academic and extra-curricular dreams outside the classroom. Whether this involves assisting them in drafting a cover letter and resume to cold-call a university professor to conduct academic research during the summer, or helping them to expand their passion for an instrument or sport on a different level, I’m always amazed at how eager our pre-senior clients are to learn and to explore - personal qualities that elite colleges crave.

* RIGHT CLASSES AND SET OF TESTS: Since we get to know our pre-senior clients so well as students but more importantly as human beings, it’s easy for us to map out their classes and standardized tests for them in a manner that maximizes their admissions chances while taking the stress of uncertainty out of their hands.

* SUMMER FUN: Elite colleges care a lot what you do over the summer, and we work with you to ensure that no summer goes to waste, but that you have fun as well. We work with you to maximize your odds of acceptance at competitive summer research programs and to create novel opportunities on your own that push you.


Phone: (818) 641-5980