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Fri, May 7, 2021 | 22:49
welcome to the Korea visit. ^m^*
Date : 2011-08-26 / Hit : 2393
He~ everyone!
If you went to Korea visit.
there's nothing to worry about.
because , you friends me.

I want to be growup friendship watching you.
if seeing the my wirtten.
You'll after propose and then me.

also, You can do it sned an email
whenever welcome to your mail.^m^*

honestly, if you visit to Korea tuor.
maybe I have to planing a lof of around
Seoul tourism.

as much as one can,
Take the best possible care of yourself.

Skype_ bluein1222 or
E_mail address _

You can both useing it.
always waitng for You.
have a nice days.