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Tue, August 16, 2022 | 18:14
Abraham Cruzvillegas - Autodestruccion8: Sinbyeong
Date : 2015-05-11 / Hit : 7336
-Period: 2015.04.11-2015.07.26

-Venue: Art Sonje Center

-Artist: Abraham Cruzvillegas

Art Sonje Center presents Autodestruccion8: Sinbyeong, the solo exhibition of Abraham Cruzvillegas from April 11 to July 26. This is the first solo show of Cruzvillegas to be held in Korea and also the commemorating show of his being awarded the fifth Yanghyun Prize in 2012. The artist is to present a new project at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall this coming October.
Autodestruccion8: Sinbyeong is the eighth episode of the artist’s “autodestruccion” series, an ongoing project of Cruzvillegas since 2012 that combines various languages of literature, philosophy, and music in various localities such as Los Angeles, Mexico City, Paris, and London. For this exhibition, Cruzvillegas presents new works in which he reuses not only waste such as roof slates, bricks, floor panels, styrofoam and wood, but also daily objects as shoes, chairs, lighting, bicycle, frame and blankets collected from redevelopment areas in Seoul. It is through such recycling that the artist generates new possibilities and novel images for the seemingly useless objects that have lost their original functionality. It is in this context of transformation that sinbyeong (神病), a particular spiritual experience, has been added as the subtitle of this show. The artist employs as the ground metaphor of his exhibition this space of a rite of passage, or space of mediation, that one has to pass through in order to metamorphose from one being to another.