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Fri, August 12, 2022 | 09:33
4 those Caucasian NAZIs who despise Korean athletes in London Olympic
Date : 2012-08-05 / Hit : 5284
Koreans are good at Olympic sports game only related to those hands on combat skills such as fencing, archery, shooting, Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling and many others.

It is because Koreans have so many alien invasions through history and Koreans have to survive from these invasions arming themselves with these hands-on combat skills.

Hands-on combat skills are part of Korean DNA and these have been inherited to every Korean generation after generation.

Every alien visiting Korea usually deceives themselves with Korean hospitality. They usually state Koreans are really kind and friendly people.

You better ask that to those aliens who have invaded Korea and fought with any Korean during last 3,000 years.

Ask how Koreans fight to Vietnamese during Vietnam war and how cruel Korean could go when it comes to War crimes during Vietnam wars. Every Korean men and women has killer instinct in their genes.

Don’t fuk with Koreans! You will be sharp shot, arrowed, fencing poked, wrestled, Taekwondo kicked and Judo thrown dead.

We Koreans are born natural killers by our own genes not that kind, peaceful and naïve people contrary to those bozo Caucasian dick heads usually think we are.

Korean enemies usually regret to invade to Korea because not many of them have conquered Korean and returned their asses safe back to their home land.

Therefore watch out what you, Caucasian NAZIs are trying to utter any racially discriminatory statement or racially biased remarks to Korean.

We are not that naïve and peaceful people you, Caucasian NAZI dick heads might think we are.

If you, Caucasian NAZIs want to utter something bad to Korean, be also prepared to be Taekwondo kicked, sharp shot, archery arrowed, fencing poked, Judo thrown to death.