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Tue, August 16, 2022 | 19:03
10km in Their Shoes: Global Awareness Walk
Date : 2012-03-28 / Hit : 3836
10Km in Their Shoes: Global Awareness of Natural Disasters

WHEN: Saturday, April 14th
TIME: 1pm – 6pm

VENUE: Seoul Grand Park—meeting at the fountains near Seoul Grand Park subway stn (Line 4): Exit 2

COST: 2,100 won to enter the park, but participation is free

DESCRIPTION: Countless families have been affected by natural disasters across the globe in the past couple years. Though we live comfortably here in South Korea, we do not want to forget our family and friends around the world who have suffered and those who are still recovering from catastrophes of the past. Last year, Mannam started to raise awareness for countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Japan, where natural disaster struck. Many people were not aware how extensive the damage was until natives from those countries shared stories of their loved ones back home.

Mannam Volunteer Association will hold the second “Walk in Their Shoes” event on Saturday, April 14th. All eight branches of the International Division of Mannam in South Korea will meet in their respective cities. The branch of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do will meet at Seoul Grand Park in Gyeonggi-do. The walk will take place from 1pm to 6pm. It will be an opportunity to become one as we remember our global family abroad and raise awareness to get others to support those who are suffering through understanding and ultimately through action.

This walk will focus on the countries that have recently experienced natural disaster on a large scale and those who are still recovering from one that occurred within the past two years, such as Japan, Pakistan, and Haiti.

DIRECTIONS: Get off at Seoul Grand Park Stn (Line 4)—Exit 2: Walk straight 300 meters until you see the fountains—Walk around the fountains towards the right and we will meet at the right end of the large building in the open area. Look for the banner and white tent.