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Sun, August 14, 2022 | 01:29
Need Korean Hostess for New York Bar.
Date : 2011-12-29 / Hit : 4120
Established New York Hostess Bar in Flushing, New York (Prime Korean/Chinese area in New York)
is looking for Korean Hostess & Mommy

The bar holds 9 rooms, with state of the art equpiment/has a bar with enough seatings for over 30 people.
The business is booming but we need more girls.

As a HOSTESS, your job is to entertain the VIP guests in private rooms, let them enjoy their stay, pour drinks for them. The Min. pay you get $100 most will give you upwards to $300. You can
be assigned up to 3 rooms which means you can make a min. of $300 to $900 a day.

As a MOMMY, your in charge of managing the hostess girls. You will escort the guests to their rooms and collect the pay when they leave. Your job is also to find new hostess so that
we do not fall short. This is a harder job but the reward is higher as you will be treated as part owner. You collect $1,000 per hostess you reffer and 10% of the monthly profit.

This is NOT a Nude or a Prositution job, this is modern giesha and a customer service based job that is high paying.
We have Security in staff at all times.

If you are interested in being a hostess please send a picture via email.