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Wed, January 26, 2022 | 09:12
[Feb 26th] Expediton to Seoraksan National Park
Date : 2010-02-17 / Hit : 2130
[Feb 26th] Expediton to Seoraksan National Park

Let't enjoy the hike in Seoraksan National Park covered with snow~!

Seoraksan National Park ,A mountain is not required too much explanation. also, so beautiful and quite look different in every seasons...and from last week, snow were
accumulated so beautifully everywhere, snow in trees looks like a beautiful snow-flower~!

This would be the last hike in Seoraksan National Park of winter...Please, don't miss this chance~!

[TYPE A] - sunrise hike and hike ridges to the top(Daecheongbong) of seoraksan for 9~10 hours.most of trails are well-arranged to walk,some part with stairs and fences

4am : coffee,stretching, start to hike, it would not be cold.probably a bit sweating while walking.
8am : arrive to Daecheongbong,top(only this place is quite windy,prepare for the cold)
8:10am : arrive to SHELTER, have snacks,we can make hot coffee with stove,take a nap
(build a team to hike DINOSOUR RIDGES: leaded by Warren,will finish hike 5ish.4 hours more can decide on the day)
9 am~3pm : Cheonbuldong valley - really beautiful valley and reach to the shinheungsa temple. all the way is descending,quite good to walk trails some part with stairs
if you want to hike type A, should buy crampons(4spikes with straps to put on shoes make walking stable on icy terrains), 5,000won for the crampons.

[TYPE B] - arrive at 4am, stay in motel or guest house next to beach and explore some places you can feel quite different and unusual atmosphere till 11ish.
- see the sunrise at motel or in the beach
- have breakfast and stroll beach
- drop by the fish market and feel the vivid and fresh moment of the fish market

- move to Seoraksan by bus around 11ish and enjoy easy hike for 2~4 hours, [hike for 2~3 hours] to Gwongumseong course with CABLE CAR or Bisundae cliff and Biryong falls course,[hike for 4 hours] to Chunbuldong Valley or Ulsanbawei. OR just stroll temples and valleys to enjoy sceneries.

Check out this page on Facebook for more details~!