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Sun, July 3, 2022 | 13:49
finding lang. exchange friends
Date : 2009-11-16 / Hit : 2809
My name is Jake (English-Name),Korean guy.

I`m 36 years old, married guy. I live around Seoul(It takes only 20min by subway to Seoul)

I`m looking for a foreign friend who can speak English. If you want to know about Korean culture and study Korean, I can help. I hope this will be a good chance to be useful and interesting time while you are in Korea or about your plan to visit Korea.

I like talking with people all around the world about travels, sports, cultures and history with cold beers :) I travelled Eastern Europe, Middle East and many Asian country like Tibet. If I can have chances, I want to travel as many country as possible and meet many foreign friends. I am also a member of "Hospitaltyclub" and "CouchSurfing". From time to time, I host foreign traveller friends in my small place whenever possible. Also I have a experience I stayed at the place of friend who I met in HC in Israel. So I think all of people on the earth can be friends and family if we meet and say hello to each other.

I don`t care about your gender and nationality. Only one problem will be that my English is not perfect :) I`m sure you`ll have a useful time if you want.I`m waiting for your mail.

How to contact??

p.s I made humble Eng. info. about travelling of Tibet, based on my travel experience for my Austrailan friend. Someone interested in that let me know, I can give.