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brandon moving delivery service
Date : 2009-09-03 / Hit : 2239

Yellow & Blue moving delivery truck for foreigners !!!

Reservation e-mail :
office phone : 070 8160 4286
Brandon cell phone : 010 7707 4280
( Please contact e-mail or website first,
then text me !^^!)
If you send sample moving description by e-mail,
or you can ask the quote @ my website -> Moving -> estimate.
I will reply with the cost asap ! thank you so much !!!

Sample moving description
1. name & cell phone:
2. e-mail address :
3. pick up address:
what floor is at pick up place? elevator or not? :
how far is it from door to loading zone?:
destination address:
what floor is at destination? elevator or not? :
how far is is from unloading zone to door?:
4. date & time :
5. Do you need only TRUCK & DRIVER? :
6. Do you need loading & unloading service? :
7. Do you need packing & unpacking service? :
8. How many movers do you need? :
9. single or married things? :
How many person thisngs?:
10. How many person do you want to get on truck?:
11. Amount of things to move (detail, specifically)
-because BRANDON has to prepare a proper truck !!!
If real things and descriptions are not match,
the moving cost can be increased little bit !
( )

thank you so much ^^ enjoy your korean life ^^
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주소 : 서울시 용산구 후암동 339-4 장우 오피스텔 612호
Office phone : 070 8160 4286
Brandon cell phone : 010 7707 4280
Brandon e-mail :