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Sat, May 28, 2022 | 06:32
English Tutor For U !!!
Date : 2009-04-21 / Hit : 2375
1-Day 무료!
영어로 애기하기가 두렵습니까? TOEIC / TOEFL 성적은 괜찮은데
말하기가 영...
영어회화의 기본을 잡아드립니다. 완하는 시간에 자유릅게 영어말
하기 실력을 늪이세요.
성실한 Native English Speaker 가 책임지고 도와드립니다!
25,000 완의 1시간 반 있습니다.
연락처:010-3052-3739 (TEXT MESSAGE FIRST,PLEASE) 한국어 못게습니다. or email me at
Thank you! 감사합니다

My name is Paul.I am a 35 yr old Korean-American. I have lived in the U.S.A. all my life, so my English is actually pretty good.My asking rate is 25,000 won per 90 minutes,which can be negotiable,depending on days/hours.I also teach English by phone for 120,000won/month 10 minutes /day M~F,if you are interested.I have taught Basic Conversation; 1:1 and small groups ranging from kindergarteners to adults for the past 7 years.I live near Hongdae University.If you would like to meet me, when is a good time and place? Please Feel free to contact me at or call me @ 010-3052-3739 (PLEASE TEXT FIRST).Thank you!