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Fri, August 12, 2022 | 08:14
So sorrowful against the JIndo sea disaster
Date : 2014-05-14 / Hit : 8113
Let me give so sorrowful message to the world by my own poem

I wish the world gives a heartful message to our families

who lost their loved ones

Crying out in your pain

written by Koh, Sang Won

Let us listen to your voice in the sea

Let us listen to your pray over the heaven under the sea

At the seaside

Will long for you until you come back

Will wait until you bloom your flowers

Let us drag into the sea

We have to meet you anywhere

All together

We have to cry out in your pain

We have to cry out in your anguish

Never forget your crying out for help

Never forget your dream travel to Jeju


Will listen to your voice

Saying, do love, our dears

As soon as possible

We will meet your dream

We will bloom your flower

We will be punished very strongly by God

This is sorrowful Pangmokhang Jindo, Korea

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