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Wed, August 17, 2022 | 16:43
Sewol Ferry Accident
Date : 2014-04-19 / Hit : 9368
i think its not only one fault of captain, its must involve school teachers, why one school hole student send one time at one ship, must divided term vise. second sewol ferry captain is 100% untrained person, he did not know about ferry drive, so its sewol company related persons involve. third with captain other duty persons also involve. so first of all captain inter in jail with these 23 workers who with captain, because its they duty so they no care and no try to safe to kids and others. and seowl company make block, because they make construction on ship, over and also make over loading cargo container, last Ansan School need to closed, this School principal need to dismiss him seat and close school door. Year Holidays in Schools make finish, no need go throw school. every family go by himself. its govt law need to change. last Airplane or ship captain must be hard trainer persons and more stick law and duty time no any less when on duty. and this type heavy equipments must need to check very care, because this type big accidents make country value down over worldwide views and lots personality we make miss for one captain.