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Dongfeng commercial vehicle company in 2012 half year work report interpretation
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4885
Dongfeng commercial vehicle company in 2012 half year work report interpretation
A few days ago, dongfeng dfm truck parts company held in shiyan in the middle of 2012 work. Dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager HuangGang be entitled "the accelerating action in the environmental changes create new advantages" work report, dongfeng commercial vehicle company business situation, in the first half of the second half of the challenges facing the coping strategies and are fully analyzed.
In the first half, the domestic heavy truck dongfeng spare parts market has nearly 30% of the decline, the actual demand of 510000 cars, 180000 cars year-on-year decline, a drop of 27%. In this case, dongfeng commercial vehicle company business influence. But the good news is, dongfeng commercial vehicle company, the market share of the present growth, business performance under the controlled condition, financial health, sustainable growth.
In the first half of the management review
Dongfeng commercial vehicle dongfeng cummins parts company market share from last year's 20%, rising to 20.7% in the first half of this year, an increase of 0.7%, continue to maintain the industry leading position.
The sales size stability, monthly sales keep in all or more cars. In the commercial vehicle industry group's main business plate, dongfeng commercial vehicle company headquarters in each business unit on top, and the whole strain's share has growth. Among them, the medium car strain market share growth is more, the current share has reached 42%. The share of domestic sales increased by 0.8% compared with last year, to 13.7%, plus overseas sales, share reached 15%.
The first half of the whole value chain cummins 6l business is in a relatively stable operation condition. In the field of goods for maintenance of the competitiveness of the goods of and product platform, developed a new generation of truck platform and power assembly platform, "6 + 5 + 5" commodity development designedly propulsion; According to the new policy laws and regulations, the "iron triangle" departments to actively respond to the; Set up project management system of new goods; Power assembly strategy also in unswervingly promote.
Domestic marketing, marketing "special forces" the practice of dongfeng commercial vehicle marketing methods, in the end of last year when he'll be ready, formulated the fine and tight marketing plan, according to the market change 281002937 rapidly adjust sales plan, especially control inventory risk. Dongfeng commercial vehicle company points strain, points area, branch line of three dimensions of marketing have made new progress.
Overseas business is accelerating strategic layout, the first half of overseas sales to 3200 vehicles. "2 + 2 + 3" strategy in steadily, and in addition to Iran and Vietnam this two market outside, dongfeng commercial vehicle company in Brazil has carried out market research, the development of the partnership.
Manufacturing implementation of dongfeng commercial vehicle production mode, continued ascension QCD level. In order to further upgrade the quality of commodities, on the one hand, strengthen market key topics of the propulsion, on the other hand is to strengthen the supplier quality management and carry out supplier "zero bad" quality activities. At the same time, put the quality management extended to market area, set up quality improvement mechanism. Manufacturing in the cost and efficiency have been markedly improve.
Procurement and supply chain system has been continuously optimize. Based on establishing safety and efficient supply chain system target, purchasing department in supplier management, spare parts purchase, subsidiary yuchai fuel injectorpurchasing integration on a lot of fruitful work, purchasing cost reduction effect significantly.
Although the market has a lot of challenges, but the future strategic investment plan is still in steadily. In the past few years in commercial vehicle manufacturing did a lot of important strategic investment, including heavy card factories and power assembly factory. The new factory investment after completion, the headquarters is in shiyan area vehicle production capacity will reach 18-200000 the size of the car. Engine, dCi 11 has the ability of 60000 units, 4 h engine up to 30000 ability.
The party committee in the whole business activities have played an important function. Quarter of one hundred days contests, reflected the work the party and the masses of administrative work support, into the business, but also for the production and business operation created a favorable harmonious environment. In the excel activity, each grass-roots party committee and alliance work have the very good practice. The party and the masses system in internal and external communication made positive contributions, internal boost morale, foreign brand value, propagation team in constant toward specialization and professional.