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Dongfeng automobile fasteners co., LTD. Release 2012 edition of the car standard manual"
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4646
Dongfeng automobile fasteners co., LTD. Release 2012 edition of the car standard manual"
August 13,, the cummins parts company 2012 edition of the car standard manual "(hereinafter referred to as the manual) in dongfeng automobile fasteners co., LTD. Release. 2012 edition handbook is in the 1998 edition revised based on perfect and become, using the latest national and industry standards, increased passenger car product dongfeng truck parts catalogue and product standard directions for use. Manual altogether collected 160 kinds of product standard, new development in recent years of 25 kinds of new product standard, and at the same time, cancelled 40 old standard products.
With the rapid development of automobile industry, the new models, new equipment, new technology, new techniques, new materials are constantly emerging, the cummins nt855 company 1998 edition of the car standard manual "behind the national standards and industrial standards, and can't meet the company product research and development and the needs of the development of business. To ensure that the product of the enterprise technical standard is always in the domestic industry leading level, satisfy the customer and design personnel is more and more high design standards and technical requirements, dongfeng fastener company in October of 2011, the year began planning a new car standard manual preparation work, and set up a project team, the requirement of the new manual is beneficial to the company design department, manufacture department and each professional design selection.
Dongfeng automobile fasteners company general manager ray hubei fai introduction, as China's mechanical generic components industry association fasteners branch vice-chairman unit of dongfeng fastener company has been cummins 6ct committed to the new equipment, new technology, new technology, new material and new standard applied to fastener development and manufacturing. New "automobile standard manual" collected 160 kinds of product standard, including increased 25 kinds of new product standard, canceled 40 old product standard, make the manual is more advanced and applicable to further improve the level of enterprise product standardization. The handbook according to the requirement of state laws and regulations, increase the trivalent chromium galvanized, without chrome zinc aluminum coating of environmental protection of the new hand control valve surface treatment technology, out on the environmental pollution serious oxidation, lead plating, such as copper plating process. At the same time increase the passenger car product catalogue and product standard instructions, for product designers and users to provide a more comprehensive design use basis.
Dongfeng auto parts (starter dongfeng) company deputy general manager wang yong said that new car standard manual "for the automotive fasteners products design and choose provides new standard and basis, is the east parts" technology year "activities of the one of important achievements. Dongfeng fastener company will continue to comprehensively deepen dongfeng parts "technology year" activities, to speed up thprove the product research and development ability, to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, to achieve the annual business objectives.
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