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Shiyan first a police "dongfeng" brave warrior "mount guard
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4417
Shiyan first a police "dongfeng" brave warrior "mount guard
Yesterday, the public security sub-bureau XiangDongYue dongfeng company donated "dongfeng" brave warrior "handover ceremony, in dongfeng cr-v co., LTD. Held large hospital. This marks the first car shiyan police "dongfeng" brave warrior "delivered for use.
It is understood that the "dongfeng" brave warrior "military rover, for military light, high maneuverability cr-v, it together with the advanced technique in the world, involving the five theory innovation, 19 new process, new material application, more than 200000 hours assembly bench test, 70 sets of prototype accumulated 1.6 million km harsh road intensifying test. Its economy and survivability reach the 21st century international similar leading level.
As China's people's liberation army (PLA) the first paragraph of the third generation high mobility military off-road vehicles to the only manufacturer, dongfeng cr-v co., LTD., the company has been set up "dongfeng parts" brave warrior "social responsibility brand. In 2010, "dongfeng" brave warrior "by the ministry of public security included in the equipment list. At present, "dongfeng" brave warrior "successive equipment Harbin, jilin, wuhan, chongqing, zigong, more than 10 provinces and cities public security system, widely used in swat, frontier defense, criminal investigation, and other departments, public security system for wide praise.
The donation ceremony, deputy secretary of party committee of cummins engine parts company FanZhong will "dongfeng" brave warrior "cr-v key model to the municipal public security bureau deputy director, dongyue public security sub-bureau chief HuHui.
HuHui introduction, dongfeng cummins 6bt company donated "dongfeng" brave warrior "car will be used to deal with all kinds of unexpected events disposal of command, it is not only the public security sub-bureau of dongyue police important supplement of the special equipment, but also will make great efforts to enhance for all kinds of severe accident emergency rescue ability and group security events disposal level, so as to better safeguard dongfeng company shiyan base social security and safeguard the production and business operation safety.
July, dongfeng co., LTD., total sales of 109000 vehicles, year-on-year dci11 engine decline slightly. The passenger car sales 82000 vehicles increased by 3.0% as compared, Commercial vehicle sales of 27000 cars, year-on-year decline. 1 ~ in July, dongfeng co., LTD., total sales of 893000 vehicles, a 5.3% increase year-on-year. Commercial vehicle sales of 260000 cars, up is decreased; Passenger car sales 634000 vehicles increased by 20.1% as compared. In July, dongfeng foot brake valve corporation total sales of 18000 vehicles. 1 ~ in July, dongfeng corporation total sales of 167000 vehicles, year-on-year decline.
Dongfeng nissan passenger car company to sell 70000 vehicles in July, year-on-year growth of 1.3%. The new versa sales of 15000 cars, new sunshine sales of 13000 cars; July 19 just listing of a new generation of dongfeng truck cabs sylphy with "GaoFu handsome" bypass the immediate leadership charm, in more than ten days sales created 16000 car market success; Listed two months of independent brands rev. Calvin, to the end of July has total sales of 16000 cars. 1 ~ in July, dongfeng nissan passenger car company total sales of 525000 vehicles, a 18.5% increase year-on-year.