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Dongfeng cummins discharge processing system joint venture project contract signing
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4618
Dongfeng cummins discharge processing system joint venture project contract signing
24, dongfeng cummins discharge processing system joint dongfeng truck china project signing ceremony held in wuhan, marking and dongfeng cummins cooperation has entered a new development period. The project selected location of shiyan bud arrow area, initial investment of 150 million yuan, plan march formally put into tractor cummins parts production, the design production capacity of discharge processing system device 180000 sets, the main supply dongfeng cummins all models and dongfeng commercial vehicle 4 h, dCi 11, X7 engine model, etc. The project is dongfeng cummins to perform the important embodiment of social responsibility, but also to dongfeng commercial vehicle four countries, national standards for the discharge of five strategic measures.
The company party committee dongfeng cummins engine standing committee, discipline inspection commission secretary MaLiangJie, the company personnel (cadre) minister he wei, the party committee secretary Chen working chamber Yun, deputy secretary of discipline inspection commission ZhangChangDong, legal and security affairs and capital operation department minister HuXinDong, science and technology department minister HouYuMing, minister of ministry of audit KangLi, organization information department minister LvChuanWen, dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager HuangGang, dongfeng industrial co., LTD., general manager, secretary of the party committee LuoYuanGong, cummins (China) investment co., LTD., vice President CaoSiDe, LiuXiaoXing, vice mayor of the LiuXueHua etc attend the signing ceremony. LuoYuanGong and CaoSiDe signed China truck dongfeng cummins discharge processing system co., LTD., a joint venture contract.
MaLiangJie points out, dongfeng industrial companies and cummins will discharge processing system project to carry out joint venture cooperation, marks the dongfeng cummins and cooperation has entered a new development period. Hope that the cooperation of both sides of dongfeng industrial companies grasp the development opportunity, to speed up the technology import, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, for dongfeng commercial vehicle implementation globalization development strategy to provide new product support; Hope dongfeng commercial vehicle 4bta3.9-c125 company continue to deepen the big cooperative strategy, support and guide the development of the joint venture projects, accelerate the establishment of a "green supply chain" system, create a globally competitive strategic suppliers platform.
CaoSiDe said, dongfeng cummins discharge processing system co., LTD. Will become cummins and dongfeng joint venture cooperation enterprises 5, dongfeng cummins cooperation with the course is an important milestone. Believe in dongfeng company cummins parts catalog and the leadership of the support, dongfeng cummins discharge processing system co., LTD. Will adopt a more cost-effective comprehensive advantages for the majority of car users provide clean discharge processing system products.
LuoYuanGong in his speech said, dongfeng cummins discharge processing system joint venture project is corresponding dongfeng commercial vehicle countries four, five countries products to meet the regulations and policies of the state and energy-saving emission reduction requirements, adapt to the dongfeng commercial vehicle overseas market and implementation of the important strategic project. Since the project from certain, obtained the dongfeng company headquarters and dongfeng commercial vehicle company's support, after both sides a years of friendly negotiation, according to lean, efficient and win-win principle of investment, project finalised.
HuangGang, expressed as dongfeng cummins cooperation truck with cummins engine with the important affiliated parties, dongfeng commercial vehicle company will, as always, support the dongfeng cummins discharge processing system project progress, and continue to dongfeng cummins and inheriting the spirit of cooperation, follow the pace of dongfeng brand internationalization, and gradually expand the scope of cooperation with cummins joint venture.
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