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Dongfeng parts: face to face with micro growth to the target
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4346
Dongfeng parts: face to face with micro growth to the target
In 2012, the macro environmental impact, the whole auto industry over a few years ago double-digit growth development momentum, and gradually enter the "micro growth" age. In such circumstances, dongfeng auto parts (cummins engine) co., LTD., are doing in the first half of the efforts and achieved what results? And in the second half of the middle of 2012 in dongfeng company work under the guidance of the spirit, how battle? A few days ago, our reporter on these issues interview the dongfeng auto parts (dongfeng truck) co., LTD., general manager WengYunZhong.
In 2012, facing the complex external situation, dongfeng parts company, in accordance with the "strengthening science and technology strength, and improve overall efficiency, seize the collaborative opportunities, accelerate development," the operating principle, with "science and technology years" as the theme, around three major tasks, solid propulsion annual seven work, the implementation "increase income and reduce expenditure, management efficiency, market development, cost control, subject propulsion and difficult enterprise supporting" combination. Through these fruitful efforts, the first half of the year, the east parts to achieve the dongfeng cummins company's main business net income of 4.062 billion yuan, operating profit overfulfil current management goal of 26%. Dongfeng co., LTD., the make known to lower levels of eight KPI index, in addition to the main business net income outside, other seven are complete the current target.
"This is in the first half of the external environment adverse circumstances, has obtained the hard-won business results. Even in the soup achieved good performance, but WengYunZhong talk about more is still situation and of policy measures, the east parts company development the situation facing the own existence and the soft rib, WengYunZhong maintained a very clear understanding.
WengYunZhong said, is expected in the second half of the car sales will see bottom picks up, half will appear growth, the industry growth at around 7%, including passenger car market will have maintained good growth, and commercial vehicle cummins isb market is still not optimistic.
According to the current macroeconomic situation analysis, we can see that the domestic auto industry "micro growth" will be China's auto industry a trend in the development of. And specific to dongfeng parts company itself, there are at least three pressure:
One is the income growth of pressure: in the first half of the industry by growth is slowing, especially commercial vehicle fell sharply, dongfeng parts company sales revenue for the first time in three years negative growth, this reflects the dongfeng parts company in growth mode still depends on the industry's high growth, endogenous growth ability and strategic growth ability is insufficient. The second is the cost control of pressure: the first half of the year, although the cost overall control is better, but the real cost and sales cost and goal than there is still a certain gap. The third is operating losses of pressure: the first half of the year, the environmental impact by the market, dongfeng parts cummins 4bt company has five unit in the loss, KuiSunMian from last year's three expanded to five.
"For these pressure and outstanding problems in the second half will be in focus on and solve. WengYunZhong topic of conversation a turn, "dongfeng parts group after years of market baptism and constantly improve and improve, at present has five big advantage: a dongfeng company's technical resources for advantage; have dongfeng internal quality customer resources advantages; the east wind has limited the advanced management resources support advantages; dongfeng parts group has strong financial resources advantage and rich product line advantage.
Has the advantage resources, need more through their own efforts to put the advantage resources into promoting the cornerstone of the development of the enterprise. WengYunZhong said, "combining dongfeng tractor company years work in the second half of the spirit, we will focus on playing good 'insurance target, cost reduction and control risk, the stripping efficiency, strong management" five big battle, overcome market risk, keep steady development career."
"' the target is" in the second half of the top priority in the work of the business, great efforts should be made to look for opportunities, all-round development market promotion work, the expanded sale income, make up for income gap in the first half, ensure that the company's annual business target reaching." WengYunZhong "the target campaign" in the second half of the work.
In the market downturn of the competitive situation under, cost control and management ascend will become the key of enterprise the solid. WengYunZhong said, in the second half, dongfeng dump truck company will continue to deepen the purchasing cost reduction, cost reduction technology work, strictly control the manufacturing, logistics and energy cost, strengthen artificial cost control, strictly control the cost, good cost control campaign "; Strengthening risk management, strengthen the marketing risk, investment risk, financial risk control, strengthen the value chain link possible risk control, effectively avoid operation risk, play "risk management campaign"; Strengthen the field to improve, improve field and equipment efficiency, vigorously carry out the JPMH management and "production cycle by half" activities, in order to improve manufacturing efficiency, good "improve battle"; Solid propulsion management promotion activities, strengthen the "net recovery compensation is reduced, and the personnel scale of charges 6732113140 control, passenger car market development and product lightweight" and so on the major issue of propulsion, solve the management problems and weak links, improve the whole efficiency of management and operation control level, play "management promotion campaign".
WengYunZhong said: "difficult in eyes, not to advance is to go back. Dongfeng parts company will face up to the difficulties in advance, the firm confidence, maintain enterprising attitude, work, gram difficult to forge ahead, spend the difficulties."