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Wed, August 17, 2022 | 16:25
CCCPC &state councilor LiuYanDong inspection dongfeng
Date : 2012-08-27 / Hit : 4469
CCCPC &state councilor LiuYanDong inspection dongfeng
On August 19, CCCPC &state councilor LiuYanDong a line, inspected the dongfeng commercial vehicle company total assembly plant -- heavy card new factories. LiuYanDong hope dongfeng company through science and technology innovation, and further occupy the high-end market, improve market competitiveness, and strive to become bigger and stronger national dump truck industry.
Accompanied by the leadership of the LiuYanDong inspection, the ministry of education minister yuan guiren indicated, deputy secretary-general of the state council JiangXiaoJuan, vice minister of science and technology WangZhiGang, vice minister of culture, the national cultural relics bureau chief excited little rapid, hubei provincial party committee secretary, the provincial LiHongZhong director, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor WangGuoSheng, provincial party committee standing committee, provincial party committee dongfeng engine general FuDeHui, vice governor GuoShengLian, secretary-general of the provincial government WangXiangXi, provincial party committee deputy secretary-general military is brave, the provincial education department director ChenAnLi, shiyan secretary of municipal committee of the CPC, the mayor ZhouJi, shiyan, deputy party secretary of DongWeiMin, dongfeng company deputy general manager TongDongCheng, shiyan municipal party committee standing committee and executive vice mayor ZhangWeiGuo, the municipal party committee standing committee, the municipal party committee secretary general HeCheng, vice mayor LiuXueHua, etc.
Dongfeng commercial vehicle company in heavy card new factory, LiuYanDong listened to heavy card new factory about "science and technology dongfeng, green dongfeng, culture dongfeng cummins" construction concept and production process, equipment, production capacity and recent production report. LiuYanDong also interest to into the assembly five workshop assembly four class team position, look at team put tidy desks and chairs and items, to team culture construction give affirmation. In the vehicle referrals place, she and the national labor model YangGuoHua talk to shake hands.
When he saw YangGuoHua wear cummins isl emblem, she said the party member to wear emblem mount guard, this kind of consciously accept the supervision and form is very good. In the chat in the process, she told YangGuoHua said: "I've worked in a factory, and now the factory condition is getting better and better, more and more human nature."
Inspection process, LiuYanDong on production field work flow and advanced technology, humanized equipment showing interest in, and a closer look at the dongfeng tianlong assembly process, the cummins parts factory advanced equipment, first-class environment, innovative management, culture gave high evaluation. In the parking on the square, TongDongCheng introduced to LiuYanDong dongfeng products car, and posed for pictures. LiuYanDong hope dongfeng products can be quickly to go into the international high-end market, become a national leader in truck industry innovation enterprise.
LiuYanDong a line look round the total assembly workshop production line and denon, day jin and commercial vehicle marine cummins parts products, understand the dongfeng commercial vehicle company production and operation situation. LiuYanDong said, commercial vehicle in the international and domestic demand is very big, the market prospect is very good, commercial vehicle is the development trend of ChongXingHua, high power and energy conservation and emission reduction, dongfeng company in this respect has made outstanding performance. She hopes to dongfeng company actively with universities and colleges and research institutes joint, the integration of 3921919 resources, collaborative innovation, common conquer new power, energy conservation and environmental protection and other technical problems, through the scientific and technological innovation, and further occupy the high-end market, improve market competitiveness, and strive to become bigger and stronger national automobile industry.