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Dongfeng big cooperative strategy in venezuela LAN won 9000 sets export orders
Date : 2012-08-25 / Hit : 4325
Dongfeng big cooperative strategy in venezuela LAN won 9000 sets export orders
Synergy creation value, synergy to create economic benefit. This in 9000 sets of dongfeng export car order to get the true embodiment.
Last Friday the headlines this newspaper ran a message to all dongfeng encouraging: 4000 sets of dongfeng Aeolus S30 formally deliver the venezuela customers, subsequent will also have 5000 Taiwanese transport and pickup sent to venezuela. The 9000 sets export car project, realize the dongfeng brand passenger car first mass export, still make the dongfeng engine great synergies in overseas business into full play, it may be said dongfeng overseas business in the development of a landmark event.
Ago, dongfeng mainly by each business unit as the main body to overseas market, has obtained obvious performance, but also exposed a lot of disadvantages. Always with robust for dongfeng parts company, after many years of hard work to do in the real domestic market, based on the work in 2012 put forward at the meeting, to speed up the pace of "going out", accelerate the overseas group career development platform in place, according to the "four unity" (unified planning of the export products, unified planning, unified set up overseas markets overseas image, the unified arrangement of the overseas business) standards, overall coordination, realize the strategic transformation of overseas business. This is the east wind product cummins parts structure by the domestic market to domestic and international market and adjustment of a major decision, but also the east big cooperative strategy in the overseas business development and extension. From then on, in the overseas market, the east wind will play a brand, a voice advantage.
In the established strategy and under the guidance of the company in the April Beijing international motor show in high-profile blew export horn, released to overseas business "DH310" plan, that is in 2016, dongfeng truck parts company to become the domestic auto industry export three before, to realize the overseas export 300000 cars, and at the same time the company overseas exports account for 10% of the sales of the company independent brands. Dongfeng for overseas business for the medium-term plan for the company export business set up the clear objectives for each business unit planning have access to the international market the direction and path.
To accomplish this goal is not easy, in 2011 China auto export accounts for the proportion of total sales is less than 5%, the east wind to go out of the country, and international multinational dongfeng spare parts company confrontation, capture territory, consolidate the site, to explore and pay will be a lot of things. The 9000 sets of car export orders, the east wind is a successful exploration and practice, the east wind is each business unit according to "four unity" standard, in dongfeng group headquarters unified command together achieved the first triumph, make dongfeng cummins "walk out" pace more strongly. This not only for dongfeng future export business provides successful experience for reference, but also for China's auto industry entering into overseas market has accumulated a wealth of valuable wealth.
Of course, how to let dongfeng big cooperative strategy in overseas business play bigger effect, it is worth further research and practice of the important topic.
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