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Wed, August 17, 2022 | 15:38
painting class in English
Date : 2012-08-08 / Hit : 4205
Hi, my name is Joao. I am an artist / textile designer, working in my beautiful atelier near Chang-deok palace in downtown Seoul.

I have had excellent academic and professional experience abroad and also taught painting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I will teach techniques in realistic painting and drawing, not that you have to do realistic paintings, and give critics. I do recommend, though, going crazy with your works using whatever material you want to use to express your emotions and thoughts.

my studio is equipped with
a sewing machine and sewing tools,
a cutting table,
a painting table,
an easel,
drawing tools,
a computer and a printer,
and delicious Colombian roast coffee.

I would like you to come to the studio and pursue your inner artistic dreams.

no art background is necessary. no age limit. the atelier is gay-friendly space. 20 thousand won / hour for more info.