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Thu, August 11, 2022 | 14:57
2012 London Olympic is accused as NAZI Olympic by many Gooks in Korea
Date : 2012-08-06 / Hit : 4486
Chinese swimmer started falsely at 1500 meters freestyle swimming competition final in London Olympic game earlier today and wasn’t disqualified. OK. His false start was broadcasted to the whole world still he was not disqualified. The excuse is the noise of the swimming arena.

On the first day of London Olympic a Korean swimmer was accused of start falsely by a Caucasian judge at 400 meters free style swimming competition and he was not disqualified because the judge was wrong. Korean swimmer’s no-wrong start was broadcasted to millions of people in the world still judge made some mysterious mistake in order to get Korean swimmer disqualified for several hours until the final verdict of no wrong was delivered to him.

A lot of Koreans are stating that the 2012 London Olympic is NAZI Olympic and it is no wonder London had so many NAZI sympathizers back in those NAZI days.
Amid pan European economic crisis those near bankrupted Brits dare to host Olympic game but make this 2012 London Olympic another NAZI racial segregation party of superior Caucasian race. Their slim racial excuses are given only to their former NAZI axes allies such as Japs and all powerful Chinks.
What coward White supremacy is this? Are Japs and Chinks excused from your Apartheid simply because they are all powerful?
You Brits can’t even make good NAZIs.
However it is clear that London Olympic will be one of the worst Olympic ever with all those misjudgments, nonsense excuse on them, all those Apartheid lunacies toward Koreans and many other tarnished mistakes.
This London Olympic is also financially destroying those stupid Londoners who do not know how to organize Olympic games by assigning 15 year old kids to Women fencing epee completion as a timer keeper of the game to have historical Olympic misjudgment ever made.

That famous British Writer Shakespeare’s the most frequent theme of his work, poetic justice is being played in London right now.
Because of recurring misjudgment and Apartheid Korean are losing any appetite to London Olympic games and they switch their TV channel to other channels.
Shame on you, you Brits! Your fathers and grandfathers fought against NAZIs and saved the world from NAZIs.
What kind of Olympic game do you Brits do in London right now?