Posted : 2017-01-11 17:23
Updated : 2017-01-11 19:42

[IT'S GOOD FOR YOUR GAME]Trump's unusual swing fits his build

Mark Calcavecchia has short arms with a big chest, and he syncs them together, producing an unusual-looking, but very effective golf swing. When a player with a big body breaks down, it's almost always because the body has lost speed, which in turn lets the arms bolt ahead, producing a weak slap at impact.
This amateur player also has a thick torso, but his sync is off, so his arms sprint ahead, leaving his body lagging behind. He's looking to the left of his target, where the ball usually goes when the body sputters and the arms
win the race to impact.

By T.J. Tomasi

Donald Trump listens to only one voice — his own — and it's worked out well for him and his golf game. Because of his build — tall with a thick chest and neck — he doesn't tilt to the ball much at address, causing his shoulder turn to be flat to the ground and his swing route more inside-to-out than a player with less torso mass. Trump also has short arms for his height, so he has to be careful that he doesn't overuse them, which would cause him to underuse his legs and hips. If he did that, instead of a 5, he'd be a 15 or 20 handicap.

What you can learn from our next POTUS is that as long as you sync your arms and your body, uniting them around a good grip, your swing will be a good one -- no matter how it looks.

You can tell you're out of sync if you leave shots hanging to the right of target (for right-handers) without a lot of sidespin. This is a sign that you probably have arms that lag behind your body motion because they are too slow. If the ball is pulled left (again, without sidespin), then your arms are too fast for your body.

Go to the range and work on syncing up your arms/body package. If you hang it right, speed up your arms; if you pull it left, slow them down. It's much easier to adjust your arms than fiddle with body speed.

Get in sync with one-handed drill

Just after impact is the only time in the golf swing that both arms should be straight, and if they are, it's an indication you've synced your arms and body. A good drill to develop the feel is to allow your trail hand (the one farthest from the hole at address) to come off the club just after impact.

Tee up a ball, and with a 3-wood or a driver, make a smooth practice swing while removing the hand. Then actually go ahead and hit a few balls, separating your trail hand as soon as you feel impact. If your arms and body aren't in sync, there is no way you can hit the ball solidly. If they are, you'll get a solid result.

An eye for an eye

Most of what we average folks see in the news is hard to evaluate because it's often a "he said/she said" situation. But this one I can opine on from personal experience.

Recently, Donald Trump threw a writer named Harry Hurt III off his Trump International golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hurt is author of the anti-Trump book "Lost Tycoon," and when Trump found out Hurt was playing at his place, security guards marched Hurt and his group to the parking lot.

Hurt then went to a course just down the road called Emerald Dunes, which he described in a tweet as "a much, much better golf course" than Trump's. I've played both courses, and I can tell you that while it's a good course, Emerald Dunes can't hold a candle to the perfectly maintained Trump course.

Hurt should know better since he's a decent player and has been around golf for years. The explanation for why he would say a course with a $75,000 initiation fee is a "much better" golf course than a venue with a $250,000 initiation fee can only be ... a case of Hurt feelings.carefully.

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