Posted : 2014-04-16 18:36
Updated : 2014-04-16 18:36

Double-major program helps Korean students

Students talk after class on the campus of the University of Maine in the U.S.
/ Courtesy of the University of Maine

Carol Mandzik, director of international recruitment
of University of Maine
By Bahk Eun-ji

The University of Maine (UMaine) provides a double-major program for students seeking to build a career path with global competitiveness, said Carol Mandzik, a director of international recruitment for the school.

"At UMaine, students can double-major within or outside their primary discipline of study, and also choose a concentration, a minor or even opt into the five-year MBA program," Mandzik said in a recent interview.

The double-major and 5-year MBA programs at UMaine attract Korean students who want to concentrate both academically and professionally.

"For example, a student majoring in a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering can also earn the business prerequisites needed for an MBA, take two master's courses in his senior undergraduate year and then, upon graduation, continue onward into the master's program and complete the MBA in one year," Mandzik explained.

She noted students can save both time and money in this way. But, more importantly, the program is for highly motivated students who wish to challenge themselves while getting a jumpstart on their MBA.

UMaine recruits students through the Education Abroad program in partnership with the Korus Education Institute, a Seoul-based education business that helps local students study abroad, especially in the United States.

The director pointed out the unique mentoring system, called "Maine Hello," that helps freshmen — especially international students such as Koreans — not only to adjust to campus life but also increase their English ability.

"So when Korean students arrive, they are allowed to take part in Maine Hello, the one-to-one mentoring program with senior American students, and they stand side by side with freshmen to help settle into campus life," she said.

Students applying to the Education Abroad program prove their English abilities by taking the Proficiency of English of Academic Purpose course which is officially acknowledged by their partner universities, such as UMaine. But, she added that those students can also get additional help through the mentoring program to be better prepared for regular courses offered by UMaine.

"For undergraduate students in particular, it is imperative that they unleash their potential, polish their communication skills and enhance their analytical skills," Mandzik said.

The director gave tips for students who are interested in applying to UMaine. The school naturally seeks international students who have potential for growth and leadership. But recently, UMaine has started to take a stronger look at students' essays.

"What we look for is what's the best fit and what we can do as a university to meet the needs that students' desire and dream. So, the essay can be very informative because it indicates what he or she hopes to get out of the experiences of UMaine," she said.

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