Posted : 2012-03-29 18:46
Updated : 2012-03-29 18:46

Novelist Bok‘s ‘sexist‘ remarks raise uproar

Bok Geo-il
By Kim Rahn

Novelist Bok Geo-il’s lecture at Ewha Womans University is causing a stir with comments which students claim were sexist.

In a special lecture on March 21, the 66-year-old conservative culture critic said married women should be watched all the time because they are prone to have extramarital affairs.

“That’s why women used to live in the husband’s parents’ home. Married life in the parents-in-law’s house was a measure to preserve the husband’s genes. A hard life in parents-in-law’s home prevented women from turning their eyes away to other men and made them have sex only with their husbands,” he said.

On the reason for women putting on makeup, he said they do to sexually appeal to men. “Men want younger women genetically, so women put on makeup to look as young as possible.”

Bok also said, “Men need to keep having sex with other women, as they can’t confirm whether their offspring has the same genes as their own.”

He continued: “Customs are what have been handed down since long ago, so we should not abolish them recklessly. The hojuje (patriarchal family register system) should not have been abolished.”

Afterwards, students expressed displeasure, saying his remarks were unacceptable and had nothing to do with the theme of his lecture indicated by the organizer, the school’s Public Administration Department.

Some of them complained formally about Bok to the school’s Center for Gender Affairs where students report sexual harassment cases. A student said on the school’s community board, “I was so surprised that he claimed past customs suppressing women were justifiable scientifically and genetically.”

Regarding the controversy, Bok told a local daily that he was only introducing evolutionary biology. “I’m displeased that some students singled out specific parts without considering the whole context of my three-hour lecture,” he said.

He said that if students found problems with his lecture, they should have raised the issue with him during the lecture instead of causing a hoopla online.

Officials of the school said they are looking into whether Bok actually made such comments, and that they would take appropriate steps if necessary.
관련 한글 기사

"女 결혼해도 혼외정사.." 소설가 발언 논란

소설가 복거일 씨의 여성 비하 발언이 논란에 휩싸였다.

복거일 씨는 지난 21일 행정학 전공 수업행정학과 '규제행정론' 수업에 초청 강사로 초빙돼 특강을 진행했다. 그런데 이 특강 내용이 최근 이화여대 학내 커뮤니티인 '이화이언' 게시판에 올라오면서 논란이 확산되고 있다.

글을 게재한 학생은 "복거일 씨가 강연 중 여성비하 발언을 했다"는 주장을 했다.

복거일 발언논란을 제기한 학생 주장에 따르면 당시 복거일 씨는 강연 중 "여성은 결혼해도 언제나 혼외정사 의도가 있고 그렇기 때문에 항상 여성을 감시해야 한다. 때문에 '여성이 시집간다'는 표현이 있다"며 "여성의 시집살이는 여성이 한눈팔지 못하게 하고 성적 관계를 남편에게만 집중할 수 있게 하는 등 남성의 유전자를 보전하기 위한 하나의 장치"라는 발언을 했다.

또 이 학생은 복거일 씨가 이날 강연에서 여성이 화장을 하는 이유에 대해서도 "남성에게 성적 어필을 위한 것"이라며 "남성은 유전자적으로 젊고 어린 여성을 원해 여성은 최대한 어려보이려는 목적으로 화장을 한다"는 발언을 했다고 주장했다.

이외에도 이 학생은 복거일 씨가 "남성은 자신과 아내 사이 자식이라도 자신의 유전자를 가졌는지 확신이 없으므로 계속 다른 여성과 성적인 관계를 가져야 한다" 등 발언을 하는 등 강연 내내 여성을 비하하는 듯 한 발언을 했다고 했다.

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