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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 16:52
[DEAR ABBY] Man's decisions in life are made to please others
DEAR ABBY: I’m a 54-year-old gay man who has spent his life making decisions with everyone else in mind. 애비 선생님께: 저는 54세 남성 동성애자로, 살면서 결정을 내릴 때 항상 다른 사람들을 고려합니다.
[LIFESTYLE] From traditional to trendy, guided tour of Busan's diverse culinary scene
Visit Busan Pass offers shortcut to local delicacies, tourist attractions for foreign independent travelers '비짓부산패스,’ 외국인 나홀로 여행객을 위한 현지 별미, 관광명소 코스 안내
[CULTURE] Rare close-up access to Seokguram Grotto
A line had already formed when I first arrived, snaking its way out towards the concrete stairs at the entry. 도착했을 때 사람들은 이미 줄을 서 있었고, 긴 줄은 석굴암 입구로 향하는 콘크리트 계단을 따라 이어졌다.
[EDITORIAL] Deja-vu tragedies
How much longer must people suffer? 국민들, 얼마나 더 고통 받아야 하나
[ANALYSIS] Is Samsung Electronics losing growth momentum?
Leadership has required commitment and a willingness to move in directions that others have avoided. 지도력은 헌신과 모두가 피하는 길을 걸어갈 의지를 요한다.
[NATIONAL] Authorities criticized over botched response to flooded tunnel in Osong
At least 9 dead in flooded tunnel, with death toll expected to rise 침수 피해로 최소 9명 숨져, 사망자 더 늘 것으로 예상
Korea Times Ambassadors
A group of university students who have been appointed as brand ambassadors for The Korea Times participate in an online welcoming ceremony, Monday. Korea Times President-Publisher Oh Young-jin, bottom right, delivers congratulatory remarks. The students will engage in various activities, including contributing articles and promoting the news outlet through social media. Capt...
[EDITORIAL] Nuclear power renaissance
Korea should pursue balanced energy mix with renewables 한국, 신재생에너지 포함한 합리적 에너지 정책 추구해야
[NATIONAL] No. of mosquitoes carrying malaria surges amid heat wave, torrential rain
Health authorities have issued an alert, urging citizens to heighten their safety measures against malaria as the number of mosquitoes that can transmit the disease has increased rapidly this summer due mainly to heat waves and heavy torrential rain. 폭염과 폭우로 인해 말라리아 매개 모기 개체수가 급증한 가운데 보건 당국은 시민들에게 말라리아에 대한 안전 대책을 강화하라고 경고했다.
[NATIONAL] Koreans generally accept immigrants as colleagues, neighbors: study
S. Korea's population set to fall to 38 mil. in 2070 국내 인구, 2070년에 3800만명까지 감소할 것으로 예측
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