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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 16:53
[LIFESTYLE] More workers seek side jobs amid soaring living costs
Companies concerned about falling worker productivity. 기업들, 근로자 생산성 하락 우려해
[CULTURE] Are K-pop concerts too expensive?
Pricey pop concert tickets frustrate fans 값비싼 콘서트 티켓, 팬들의 불만
[EDITORIAL] End infanticide
Stricter birth reporting system, stiffer penalties needed 더 엄격한 출생신고 체계, 더 엄한 처벌 필요
[DEAR ABBY] Doctor's bedside manner is a bit too friendly
DEAR ABBY: Is it a problem that my doctor is a bit of a flirt? 애비 선생님께: 의사가 추파를 던지는 게 문제가 될까요?
[NATIONAL] Food prices rise more than 3 times faster than disposable income growth
The prices of grocery items increased more than people's disposable income did in the first three months this year, adding to concerns about the real income or inflation-adjusted earnings of households. 올해 1분기 식료품 소비자물가 상승률이 전체 가구의 처분가능소득 증가율과 비교해 훨씬 가파르게 올라 가계 실질소득 또는 인플레이션 반영 가계 소득에 대한 우려를 증폭시켰다.
[NATIONAL] Korea's age system to change from Wednesday
All Koreans to become one or even 2 years younger under int'l system 모든 한국인, 국제 표준에 따라 한 살에서 심지어 두 살도 어려져
[NATIONAL] Mom's murder of 2 newborns reignites debate over anonymous childbirth
Various values clash including rights to life, rights to know about roots 생명권과 친부모 알 권리 등 여러 가치 충돌
[EDITORIAL] Busan is ready!
Let's meet in Korea in 2030 2030년에 한국에서 만나자
[DEAR ABBY] Friend isn't shy about lending helping hand
DEAR ABBY: I need advice regarding my husband's friend and how I should handle a delicate situation. 애비 선생님께: 남편 친구와의 민감한 상황을 어떻게 해결해야 할지 조언이 필요합니다.
[NATIONAL] Revised law aims to make it easier to punish stalkers
Victim's consent no longer required to prosecute stalkers 피해자가 원치 않아도 스토킹 가해자 처벌 가능
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