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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 00:43
Daewoo Development aims to win W1 tril. worth of orders this year: CEO
Korean builder Daewoo Development Co. aims to win orders totaling 1 trillion won ($862.4 million) this year by making inroads in both overseas and domestic markets, the company's chief said Tuesday.
US concerned about reported drought in N. Korea
WASHINGTON (Yonhap) -- The United States said Tuesday it continues to be concerned about the plight of North Koreans amid reports of severe drought in the impoverished communist nation.
Car export growth slows in April
Korea's car export growth slowed in April as overseas sales by smaller local carmakers contracted from a year earlier, a government report showed Tuesday.
Presidential bidder urges ruling party chief to play role of ‘kingmaker‘
A former chief of staff to President Lee Myung-bak urged ruling party chief Park Geun-hye Tuesday to play the role of a "kingmaker," a surprising remark seen as a call for the leading presidential hopeful to step aside and help someone else become president.
Allies to hold high-level consultations on defense
WASHINGTON (Yonhap) -- Korea and the U.S. will hold a high-level military meeting this week, which would mark the opening of another regular consultation channel between the allies, an official said Wednesday.
US fighter jet crashes in central Korea; no casualties reported
A U.S. fighter jet crashed into a rice paddy in central Korea on Wednesday during a routine training mission, but its lone pilot safely ejected, a police officer said Wednesday.
No ’significant’ change to US troops in Korea: Adm. Willard
WASHINGTON (Yonhap) -- The head of the U.S. Pacific Command said Friday that there will be no "significant" change in the scale and role of American troops in Korea despite the Pentagon's plan to cut budgets and slash the number of ground troops.
Korea pushes to create independent unification account
South Korea will create an exclusive unification account as part of its efforts to prepare for a future merger with North Korea, Seoul's point man on Pyongyang said Wednesday.
Unification minister vows to start filling fund for Koreas’ reunification
NEW YORK (Yonhap) -- Seoul's top policymaker on North Korea pledged Friday to start filling a fund aimed at preparing for reunification with the North, calling on the South Korean people to also take part.
Korean, US leaders to visit Detroit together next week
Korean President Lee Myung-bak will visit the Detroit area next week with U.S. President Barack Obama, a presidential aide here said Saturday, in what appeared to be a trade-related schedule.