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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 17:15
Korean Air plane makes emergency landing in Istanbul
A Korean Air plane has made an emergency landing at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, the Associated Press reported, citing an airport official.
Ambulance driver guilty of traffic law violation
Although ambulances are allowed to ignore traffic lights in emergency situations, a court found a driver of an ambulance carrying a patient guilty for causing an accident by violating traffic laws.
Private elementary schools in Seoul face investigation
The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education said Wednesday that it will investigate all private elementary schools in the capital to check whether they engaged in any illegal admittance of students.
Student rights ordinance declared
The education office in Gyeonggi Province announced Tuesday an ordinance to protect students’ basic human rights for the first time in the nation, banning physical punishment and lifting restrictions on students’ hairstyle and clothing.
English kindergartens thriving
Is 20 million won ($17,000) a year in tuition for a child attending an English-language preschool reasonable? It sounds pretty expensive, but such kindergartens are thriving here, capitalizing on the frenzy of ambitious Korean parents to get their children an English education at an earlier age.
School violence cases increase
Sexual harassment, bullying and other incidents of violence are increasing at schools, but most of the assaulters only receive minor punishment.
More native English teachers quit
More native English teachers are breaching agreed working terms in contracts made with public schools and are leaving Korea.
[KoreaToday] Busan schools to evaluate foreign teachers
BUSAN — Schools in this southeastern port city will begin full-blown evaluations of foreign teachers for their teaching skills and working attitude next year, the city’s top educator said.
TOEIC scores show wide differences between regions
TOEIC tests have seen regional gaps in scores of over 100 points according to YBM Sisa, the operator of the English proficiency test, developed by U.S.-based Educational Testing Service. Seoul topped the test records with an average 706 points out of the full score of 990, while South Jeolla Province hit the bottom with 143.
Court rules stolen evidence admissible
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that adultery charges can be established by evidence collected by a husband who broke into the house of his wife who was living separately from him.
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