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Sat, September 30, 2023 | 18:25
[60thAnni] Flexible working to help women pursue careers
Competition is getting fiercer in every sector of the Korean society. To hang onto their jobs and get promoted, many salaried workers here come to office early in the morning and work late into night.
College admissions sap students, parents
Korea has changed the way universities pick students every year as admission rules are mainly governed by the government. Each year students and parents have to study the ever morphing, complex and multilayered admission rules.
Hanwha Hotels & Resorts raided over slush funds
Prosecutors raided Hanwha Hotels & Resorts Wednesday onsuspicions of them having played a key role in the creation of slush funds for its parent Hanwha Group.
Police alert over possible portest by veterans at G20
Police are on alert for a possible violent protest by Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) veterans during the G20 Seoul Summit next month.
Textbooks create gender bias, human rights violation
The state-run human rights agency has advised the education ministry to revise social studies and other textbooks currently used for elementary and secondary schools as many illustrations and other content has connotations of gender bias and represents a violation of human rights.
C& Group probe targets banks
The prosecution is widening its probe into allegations that C& Group chairman and executives have created slush funds worth tens of billions of won and bribed government officials and politicians to win business favors.
Chadwick to offer info sessions
Chadwick International School Songdo plans to hold a series of admission information sessions at its campus for parents and prospective students.
Police confirm Hwang died from heart failure
Police officially confirmed Tuesday that the late North Korean defector Hwang Jang-yop died from heart failure.
Arrest warrant issued for blogger over Tablo-bashing
An arrest warrant has been issued for a blogger who led the campaign raising doubt about the authenticity of singer Tablo’s Stanford University diploma.
Elementary school head under probe over donation
The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education launched Monday an investigation into allegations that the principal of Seonyu Elementary School in Yeongdeungpo District has extorted money from members of a parent representative group.
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