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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 17:37
Online etiquette campaign draws over 1 million positive messages
The number of positive comments, posted on the website of the online etiquette campaign headquarters, has surpassed 1 million as of Tuesday.
2 Vietnamese workers accused of abusing dog
Two Vietnamese laborers here have been booked under the suspicion of abusing a dog.
Teachers step up campaign for their rights
The nation’s major teachers’ group is staging a campaign to protect and strengthen their rights as teachers.
Colleges under pressure to cut application fees
Just a few years ago, college hopefuls normally applied to less than five schools. With the continuously changing admissions system, however, high school seniors are now able to apply to more than 10 universities. This might have given students greater admissions opportunities but at the same time increased application fees sharply.
High schooler jumps to death after stabbing female student
A male student at a high school in Busan stabbed a female senior student several times with a dagger and jumped off an apartment building to his death.
1,000 poorly-rated teachers will get mandatory training
More than 1,000 teachers who were rated poorly in an inaugural evaluation program will have to take mandatory training courses to improve their teaching skills, beginning next year.
Parents religious belief results in child death
A newborn baby with a heart disease died after she did not receive a blood transfusion due to her parents’ religious beliefs.
H1N1 flu hits southern schools
The influenza A (H1N1) virus, which swept the world last year, has returned as the weather has become colder, forcing an elementary school in a southeastern area to be closed.
Kyung Hee wrongly informs applicants of admission
Kyung Hee University mistakenly informed 20 applicants that they had been admitted to the school and revoked the notices later, triggering confusion and complaints from the candidates.
Dongguk Univ. marred by student violence
The “tradition” of beating junior students training to become police officers has raised its ugly head again.
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