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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 14:12
Is it too early for potty training?
Having three young children means tripling a lot of things - triple the fun, triple the love and - oh yes - triple the diapers. On average, I’d say we go through about 30 diapers a day.
Keeping sane with three kids
Since my third baby was born, people keep asking me how I'm surviving. Interestingly, instead of the typical congratulatory comments women receive after delivering a baby, I've been getting a whole lot of concerned "survival." I wish I could tell them they're wrong. Oh, I wish. But they are so right.
2nd delivery: new level of motherhood
The past six days went by like a blur. In between my second C-section, which was incomparably more painful than the first, and days of heavy narcotics, Baby C came into this world at 2.9 kilograms, healthy and well. Now we’re just hours away from being sent home from the hospital.
When twins come down with cold
Winter used to be my favorite season. It's now officially my worst. With two toddlers, the once romantic time of the year is now anything but romantic. It's simply a dreadful couple months of very limited outdoor activity and constant exposure to the cold virus.
Postpartum care - at home or not?
Birthing tradition has changed so much in Korea in recent years.
Twins finally understanding first words
Today was a historical day for me. I changed Baby A's diaper like any other day, but I changed her with a diaper she hand-delivered after following my direction to bring the diaper from the storage bin across the room.
Overcoming second pregnancy blues
Now well into my third trimester, there are still moments when I forget that I'm pregnant. People may wonder how that's even possible. After all, I have this bulging belly that's impossible not to notice. It's called second pregnancy.
Kids' cafe - mommy and baby heaven
After a month in Seoul, I finally got a chance to experience Korea’s oh-so-popular kids’ cafes. Just two visits and it didn’t take me long to realize why these places are such a go-to place for moms and kids.
'Terrible twos' already?
Every parent, at one point or another, may believe that their baby is an angel. Not just figuratively speaking, but really, like literally, an angel sent straight from heaven. After all, why wouldn't they? The tiny little human beings resemble mom and dad in the cutest way ev
Logos going out of vogue in US
DALLAS - Remember the days when teenagers would die to show off their triangle Guess logo on the back pocket of their jeans? After all, that was the whole point of wearing brand-name clothes.
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