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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 05:53
Vacationing with the kids
Dallas, the place where I currently call home, is a city in the Southwest where hitting 40 degrees Celsius in the long summer months is no newsmaker. It' s hot - really hot. And so, after much contemplation and calculation (with three kids, vacation means a lot of money), we decided to take off on a vacation to Hawaii.
Mom's day off
Mom's day off - these three words are enough to make any mom's heart skip a beat out of pure excitement. I can't remember the last time I had anything remotely close to a day off. So with yesterday being my birthday, my husband kindly insisted that I be given the platinum day-off privilege.
Twins celebrate third birthday
Dear Ellen and Ann, I know this is much too cliche, but time really does fly. I can't believe we're already here celebrating your third birthday.
Why are Americans coloring so much?
DALLAS - Who says coloring is just for kids?
Mom vs TV
So it's been exactly a week since our dear nanny left. As expected, there have been a few occurrences of mommy meltdowns throughout the seven whole days she’s been gone.
Democrats compete for Korean-American voters
DALLAS - As the decisive California primary is just days ahead, Democratic candidates and supporters are making unprecedented efforts to appeal to Korean voters in one of the most unpredictable presidential campaigns in recent memory.
No-tip trend emerging in US
DALLAS - Planning a trip to the U.S. this summer? Not a fan of tipping?
'Hell Joseon' through the eyes of Koreans overseas
DALLAS - More and more young men and women of Korea find life in their motherland so painfully tough that they literally call it hell, some even plotting to pick up and leave for another country. But what happens when you really take off?
'US election to be pivotal for Koreans'
DALLAS - The U.S. presidential election in November is expected to be like no other. As the flamboyant candidates are currently challenging one another on a range of issues from immigration to foreign policy, many say that this year’s race is expected to be pivotal not only for Americans, but also for Koreans as well.
US Koreans campaigning against sex slavery agreement
DALLAS - For Koreans in the U.S., the wartime sex slavery issue is far from over. In fact, many say they're only getting started.
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