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Sun, September 24, 2023 | 12:20
Korean techie's ride to Microsoft
SEATTLE - Seven years ago, Han Gun-young worked long hours at Naver's Bundang headquarters, strategizing for the Korean internet giant's mobile business. Today, he is working out of his own office at Microsoft's Bellevue campus, shaping the voice of the global software leader's Bing advertising products.
`Trump can be breakthrough in denuke talks'
The mood is picking up again as a second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is expected soon, but despite what Trump sees as ``tremendous progress,'' denuclearization may not be so realistic, says a prominent North Korean expert.
Americans confused about summit outcome
DALLAS - The highly anticipated and unprecedented face-to-face meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is now over. So what do the American people think about the history-making handshake and agreement?
Koreans in US eagerly watch summit
As North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made an unprecedented walk south of the heavily armed border Friday morning for the first summit with his counterpart Moon Jae-in, Koreans across the U.S. keenly watched the live footage late into the night with hopes for a breakthrough in peace talks.
Koreans in US 'proud' over ex-president's arrest
DALLAS - News of former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak's arrest over corruption charges made headlines in the U.S., less than a year after his successor was put in jail over a separate, massive corruption scandal. Do Koreans here feel embarrassed over their motherland's popular Blue House to jail house sequence? Not at all.
For wardrobe, Ivanka not all-American girl
When it comes to fashion, Ivanka Trump, the first daughter and most valued adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, used to be highly predictable. Polished in Escada, poised in Oscar de la Renta and always in her trademark stiletto heels, the 36-year-old model and businesswoman-turned-policy advisor has long been all for luxury labels. Up until she joined the rest of us and sp...
NBC, read my lips - it's PyeongChang
DALLAS - For Olympics viewers in the U.S., PyeongChang is not heard the way Koreans know it, but more like PyeongChay-ing. This is because NBC, the official broadcaster of the 2018 Winter Olympics, has decided to stick to its own pronunciation where the ``chang'' in PyeongChang rhymes with sang, instead of tong. Even though this is wrong, NBC's pronunciation policy seems to e...
Koreans in US cheer on Olympics
DALLAS _ As a dazzling after-dark spectacle celebrating Korean culture, history and K-pop finally raised the curtains to the 2018 Winter Olympics, Koreans from all across the U.S. watched with pride and high hopes that the world's largest sporting event would serve as another historic turning point for their motherland.``It was so emotionally thrilling to watch my country be at the center of global attention,'' said Julie Kim, a lawyer based in San Francisco, who woke up early to watch the opening ceremony live at 3 a.m. Pacific Time. ``It's nice to be under spotlight for something other tha...
Unified hockey team baffles Americans
DALLAS -- Many Koreans are unhappy that their government is forcing its female hockey squad, whose members have trained hard for years, to give up their first shot at the Olympics to make room for North Korean players. People see it as unfair and excessively political _ and many Americans here think the same.
False alarm for North Korean missile - 38 minutes that terrorize Honolulu
HONOLULU - Something unexpected happened yesterday morning during my vacation here in Hawaii. I was picking up coffee at a Starbucks close to Waikiki a little past 8 a.m. Saturday and - all of a sudden, breaking the morning peacefulness - a loud blaring alarm goes off on dozens of cell phones inside the coffee shop.
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