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Tue, December 5, 2023 | 23:42
Arizona shooting triggers gun debate
NEW YORK ― The tragic shooting in Arizona that killed six and wounded more than a dozen is prompting a fresh round of debate over America’s decades-old problem: Should guns be outlawed or not?
US states at risk of bankruptcy
NEW YORK — The U.S. economy is on a recovery track, but now another dark and dismal outlook is hovering above — the threat of municipal bankruptcy.
Washington DC is best US city to land job
NEW YORK — You’re desperate to land a job in the U.S., so where is your best bet to get hired?
Will bake sales in US schools become history?
NEW YORK _ Baking and selling cookies, brownies and cupcakes to raise money has been a long-held tradition for American schools and students. But this time-honored fundraiser may soon be a thing of the past with a new child nutrition bill about to reach President Obama’s desk.
Koreans in US raise funds for Yeonpyeong victims
NEW YORK ― Putting grievances aside, Koreans in the United States have rolled up their sleeves to launch a nationwide campaign to raise money for victims of North Korea’s recent artillery attack.
Obama touts KORUS FTA as win for US workers
WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday praised the updated version of the South Korea-U.S. free trade deal, labeling it a “win for American workers, for farmers and ranchers.”
Korea Society plans comprehensive promotion in US
NEW YORK — Starting next month, the Korea Society is set to kick off a national outreach in the United States centered on policy, business and arts programs as part of a long-term plan to build stronger links between Korea and the U.S.
Michelle Wie bouncing back in full force
NEW YORK _ She hit her first shot when she was a little over four-years-old. By 11, she won most of the amateur tournaments she played in. A year later, she was the youngest woman to qualify for an LPGA tournament. At the age of 14, she was history’s youngest and fourth female ever to play against the men in a PGA tour event.
US universities start random audits
NEW YORK — Planning to apply for a U.S. college or university? Don’t even think about puffing up your credentials because school officials at America’s most selective schools are on the lookout for applicants saying they’re more than they really are.
Too many Korean restaurants in NY
NEW YORK ― The Korean government plans to open a mega restaurant in downtown Manhattan next year, a key item on its growing list of ingredients to globalizing Korean cuisine. But how does the plan sound to existing restaurateurs? Not too tasty.