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Wed, November 29, 2023 | 08:11
Con artists cash in on Japan disaster
NEW YORK ― Chaos and confusion immediately took over after Japan’s disastrous earthquake and tsunami, but none of this got in the way of online scammers. Within hours, they were cranking out bogus sites to cash in on people’s good will.
Koreans in US join Japan relief effort
NEW YORK — Koreans across the United States are rolling up their sleeves to help Japan rebuild and recover in the wake of the powerful earthquake and tsunami that ripped through the country last week.
Prostitution moves on to Facebook
NEW YORK ― Just five years ago prostitutes in Manhattan had to work the streets, hide from cops and confront everyday problems of rival street walkers and pimps. But now, they’re avoiding all this and taking care of business in the “comfort” of their homes ― thanks to Facebook.
Is fat tax solution to Americans’ obesity?
NEW YORK ― Sin taxes effectively cut back smoking in America, so why not slap them on pizza and soda to trim obesity? That’s exactly what health-conscious and cash-strapped legislators across the country are trying to do.
US schools up the ante against discrimination
NEW YORK ― Even a small careless comment, if directed at a particular race, can get students into big trouble now, as more schools in America are cracking down on racial discrimination at new levels.
Calorie info doesn’t affect food choices
By Jane Han NEW YORK — Americans were the first to require calorie labeling on fast food menus — but they were also the first to find out, calorie counts can’t stop hungry eaters from chowing down on burgers and fries.
Will baby boomers’ retirement benefit American minorities?
NEW YORK — Around 10,000 baby boomers in America will reach 65 and retire every day for the next 20 years, a distant retirement phenomenon for most Koreans. But if you want to land a job in the U.S., the coming years may just be your time.
Korean dramas stream into America
NEW YORK ― Korean fans hooked on American dramas, or ``mideu’’ as they call it, know that it’s only routine to stay up all night with bloodshot eyes and at least half a dozen episodes queued up on the playlist.
Koreans in US reacquaint Seollal to Americans
NEW YORK _ For many Koreans in the U.S., Lunar New Year, or ``Seollal,’’ isn’t just a day to enjoy rice cakes and folk games. It’s a day to make clear that the holiday shouldn’t be mislabeled as Chinese New Year.
Korean tacos take America by storm
NEW YORK — A warmed tortilla piled with chunks of marinated short ribs, cheese, lettuce, salsa, kimchi and onions — there you go, a classic Korean taco served straight off a truck.