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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 23:12
Pororo saves Korean parents in US
NEW YORK ― For a mom with three kids, even the simplest grocery trip can seem like a monumental challenge. Angie Kim should know because it’s a routine she can’t complete these days without the help of the one and only ``Pororo the Little Penguin.’’
Is it time to buy into US housing market?
NEW YORK — Down, down and down again — America’s housing market continues to bump along the bottom with all kinds of data showing little signs of life. But for seasoned investors, this isn’t a time to get turned off, but rather a time to take action.
Kimchi revisited with new American series
NEW YORK _ Here’s something we didn’t know about Wolverine: He cooks Korean food _ and lots of it.
Are friends making you fat?
NEW YORK _ If you consider yourself fat, take a look at your friends, relatives, or better yet, everyone around who you spend a lot of time with. Chances are, they’re on the heavier side, too.
For students in US, life depends on forex rate
NEW YORK _ A slice of bacon and onion pizza for $3 was Kim Ji-min’s go-to lunch option for most of last year. But not anymore. She now dines on $8 tuna rolls and rice bowls at a Japanese bistro near campus at least twice a week.
Americans rejoice over bin Laden’s death
NEW YORK ― The manhunt is finally over ― Osama bin Laden is dead and Americans roared in celebration. From Manhattan’s Ground Zero to the White House, huge crowds flocked to cheer, shout and wave American flags all day Monday.
Cheap deals in NYC could land buyers in jail
NEW YORK _ Tourists to Manhattan beware: No matter how good the Louis Vuitton Speedy and Rolex Daytona knockoffs look on the streets of the Big Apple, resist the temptation. A cheap deal may get you in trouble with more than just the fashion police.
US introduces bill to teach immigrants English
NEW YORK — America’s population grew by 27.3 million in the past 10 years and immigrants accounted for three-quarters of the expansion. Based on the latest government figures, immigrants played the single most important factor pumping up the nation’s population in size and diversity. Now only if they all knew how to speak English.
Korean menu too confusing?
NEW YORK ― So what in the world is spicy soybean stew, bean paste soup with tofu, and fermented bean stew? Sounds like a funky mix of bean dishes, but they all mean one thing ― ``doenjang jjigae,’’ a quintessential Korean soup.
US shoppers try Korean imports over radiation fears
NEW YORK ― A few slices of cheddar cheese layered with roasted Japanese nori, or dried seaweed, has been a perfect low-calorie afternoon snack for Jenna Lewis, a professional yoga instructor.