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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 22:48
American police mull ban on eating while driving
NEW YORK — Ever tried eating an oversized sandwich with lettuce and tomato falling out, and mayo dripping down your chin, all while you’re scrambling for tissue and turning the wheel for a left turn at an intersection?
Koreans in US eager to vote
NEW YORK — Kim Bong-nam always thought voting was more a chore than a privilege. But not anymore — not since he moved to the U.S. and no longer had an official say in Korean politics.
US campuses ban plastic water bottles
NEW YORK ― There’s a drinking problem in a growing number of U.S. college campuses. But it’s not about alcohol ― it’s about water.
US dollar stores attract affluent crowd
NEW YORK ― Jennifer Moon managed to chop her monthly household expense in half without giving up a thing on her shopping list. How’d she do it? The dollar store.
Koreans in US fight for East Sea
NEW YORK ― Koreans in the U.S. say the long distance from their home country doesn’t keep them from being any less frustrated about the East Sea naming dispute between Korea and Japan. In fact, they’re starting to take matters into their own hands.
Distance no longer an excuse to skip holiday gift
NEW YORK -- Between Lim Jung-sun and her parents in Korea, a phone call from the bottom of the heart used to be enough for any holiday, whether it be Christmas or Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving.
Should store signs in NY be in English?
NEW YORK — Walk down Northern Boulevard in Flushing and you’ll see everything from Korean saunas to rice cake shops are easy to spot.
Modern-day gold rush emerges in US
NEW YORK ― With the U.S. economy sinking and gold hitting record highs, Americans are turning to something unusual ― metal detectors.
Korean-style hotels booming in US
NEW YORK ― When it comes to a New York vacation, some people dream of checking into a luxury hotel, greeted with a glass of bubbly champagne. But for others, there’s no service better than a hot bowl of ramen (ramyeon).
‘Manhattan isn’t part of US housing market’
NEW YORK — Jogging in Central Park, shopping on Fifth Avenue, brunching at a trendy little hot spot in the Upper West Side and strolling in SoHo. Like what you hear? Then guess how much it costs to own a home in the heart of New York City.