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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 11:43
Toy rentals let moms save, kids play
NEW YORK ― This year, Santa was generous to twins Jin and Min. He left a dozen toys under the Christmas tree for the four-year-olds. But here’s the catch: They only have a month to play with them before Santa takes them back.
Overseas voter registration disappointing
NEW YORK ― Koreans overseas were finally granted voting rights amid push backs and controversy. Now if only they’ll put the new privilege to use.
Kim Jong-il death spawns cyber scams
NEW YORK ― The death of the notoriously evil North Korean leader put the cyber evil immediately to work. Within hours after news of Kim Jong-il’s sudden death broke Monday, online crooks moved quickly to cash in on the event.
US theaters introducing ’tweet seats’
NEW YORK — There was a time when whipping out your phone in the middle of a movie, play, ballet, or what have you, was downright rude. But oh, how times have changed. Now, theaters across America are introducing what they call “tweet seats,” encouraging guests to go social right through the show.
US fast food chains redefine ’cheap’
NEW YORK ― From two-patty burgers to five-piece chicken nuggets, dollar menus and value combos in the United States are anything but skimpy. But as if that wasn’t enough, fast food joints are racing to redefine the new cheap.
FTA to bring home closer for Koreans in US
NEW YORK ― For Koreans in the United States, benefits of the free trade deal between Seoul and Washington are felt near and dear to their heart. It means seeing more of their home country at a cheaper price.
‘Black Friday’ opens for Korean shoppers
NEW YORK — America’s biggest sale weekend is here. Everything from Ugg boots, Coach satchels and iPod Touches to Bose speakers are on sale with the steepest discounts of the year — and you’re invited to shop.
’Kangaroo kids’ growing in America
NEW YORK ― In America, adult men who live with their parents are easily labeled losers, a social segment snubbed by single women. So it may be bad news for bachelorettes that this crowd is only getting bigger in the U.S.
Flashy Korean visitors to US trigger suspicion
NEW YORK — Female travelers flying solo to the United States may want to think twice before getting too glammed up. Standing out from the crowd can potentially land them the wrong kind of attention, immigration experts say.
More US states accept Korean drivers
NEW YORK ― First a visa waiver, now a reciprocal driver’s license exchange; traveling to the U.S. is quickly getting easier for Koreans.