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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 22:13
‘Podaegi‘ emerging as mom’s must-have in US
NEW YORK ― What comes to mind when you think of the traditional Korean baby carrier ``Podaegi?’’ Dull, outdated and just plain ugly? Then you haven’t seen the upgraded baby sling that just got a makeover far from home.
NY man takes new approach to branding Korea
NEW YORK ― Korean people eat sushi, wear kimonos and speak Chinese? Korean food is just hot and spicy? Korean culture is the same as Chinese and Japanese?
Starbucks under attack for ’racist drawing’
NEW YORK — It’s everyday practice for Starbucks baristas in the United States to write customers’ names on their cups. But one employee decided to try something different by drawing — a caricature with slanted eyes to identify two Korean customers.
’Why not take a trip?’
NEW YORK — Koga Hyon-cha knows the famous hilltop church from the hit TV drama series “All In” like the back of her hand. In fact, she knows all the filming sites of popular dramas from “Winter Sonata” to “Full House” inside out.
US cities pushing curfews for teens
NEW YORK ― In America, moms and dads aren’t the only ones tracking down children staying out late. Once the sun goes down, law enforcement authorities are also chasing teens on the loose.
Half of Koreans don’t return after getting US science degrees
NEW YORK — Many Korean students leave for the United States with hopes to return and contribute to their home country. But in reality, few end up making their way back, new data shows.
Koreans in US hop on new biz trend
NEW YORK — For Korean immigrants, dry cleaners and video stores were once considered the fast lane to the American Dream. But times have changed and so has the ticket to success.
Koreans upset over pizza chain’s racial slur
NEW YORK — People across the United States view a recent race scandal involving Papa John’s against a Korean woman as an unsavory episode. But for Koreans, it’s more than just an unfortunate incident.
End of five-day workweek?
NEW YORK ― Just when the five-day workweek seems to be settling into place in Korea, the United States is moving onto the next new norm: slashing another day for a four-day schedule. Here, working the nine-to-five grind, five days a week is quickly going out of style.
Kimchi in tricky spot with NY inspectors
NEW YORK ― Apparently, Korea’s quintessential kimchi isn’t as well known as we thought ― or else, New York City officials wouldn’t penalize kimchi makers for the way the fermented cabbage dish is stored.