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Sat, February 24, 2024 | 06:16
‘Long-term vision planning needed for taekwondo’s longevity‘
NEW YORK ― For most people, taekwondo is a great hobby but not for Min Kyung-ho.
To spank or not - US schools in dilemma
NEW YORK — Korean schools are moving away from corporal punishment, but what about schools in America? Turns out spanking is not a thing of the past.
Korean-American kids grow curious about Korea
NEW YORK -- Maybe it’s the way Eric Nam rocked the stage on MBC’s “Star Audition: The Great Birth,” or how John Park from Mnet’s “Superstar K” debuted with a bang, but Korean-American teens are starting to see their mother country under a whole new light.
Showing new ways for people to appreciate Korea
NEW YORK — There’s no doubt people like Seoul’s convenient subway system but one man went so far as to write a song about it. Titled “Seoul Subway Song,” the rap tune has garnered more than half a million clicks on YouTube.
Rising college tuition corners students in US
NEW YORK ― Kim Jee-hee thought she had it all figured out for her daughter. Four years ago, she sent the high school freshman off to a preparatory school in the United States, targeting New York University. But the ambitious mom now has to do her math all over again.
‘Korean food is so healthy and delicious’
NEW YORK — Her husband may be a world-renowned chef, but when it comes to Korean cooking, Marja Vongerichten is the boss.
Korean celebrities criticized for racism
NEW YORK ― For many Koreans, “blackface” gags may simply be old-school comedy with no harm behind it ― but not so much for African-Americans.
’Korean art shouldn’t be politicized’
NEW YORK ― In the lecture room, she’s a passionate professor and Korean art expert. In Koreatown, she goes by the name ``Ji-hye,’’ shopping for that just-ripe kimchi. Meet Burglind Jungmann, the first person to teach Korean art history in the U.S.
`History salesman’ dedicated to passing data to posterity
NEW YORK _ There are those who make history _ and there are others who record it.
America ready to ditch big portions?
NEW YORK — Goodbye supersizing, hello downsizing?