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Thu, November 30, 2023 | 13:09
Try Sophia or Isabella as baby’s name
NEW YORK ― Don’t be surprised to come across moms in Korea who run after their kids, calling out ``David’’ or ``Amy.’’
In America, texting can cost you
NEW YORK ― Heads up, avid texters: You’re free to text on the streets of Seoul, but that everyday habit can cost you in America.
‘Attachment parenting’... umm
NEW YORK ― American moms prize independence and self-sufficiency when raising their kids ― or so we thought, until Time magazine’s latest provocative cover of a young mom breastfeeding her 3-year-old son.
Why do US colleges reject Korean applicants?
American colleges and universities mailed out their admissions decisions in the past weeks, leaving many competitive and qualified Korean students puzzling over why they were rejected.
Reverse immigration from US rising
NEW YORK — By all means, 24 hours isn’t enough for Cho Mi-na these days. Camped out in front of the computer all day, the 46-year-old is busy searching for an apartment, checking how to get a driver’s license and finding schools for her two kids.
Memorial proposed in New York
NEW YORK ― Controversy over Korean wartime sex slaves, also known as comfort women, has now moved across the Pacific to New York. Quickly emerging as a political hot potato, the touchy issue is setting up a fresh standoff far away from home.
Over 100,000 petitioners ask White House to adopt East Sea
NEW YORK — More than 100,000 people have signed on an online petition asking the White House for its support to have the East Sea rather than the Sea of Japan adopted as the name of the body of water separating Korea from Japan. The petition drive started two months ago.
‘There are other good schools rather than Ivy Leagues’
NEW YORK — Getting into the best schools in the U.S. has become two to three times more difficult — literally. Hard numbers show that there’s no exaggeration here.
Americans don’t pass steaks
NEW YORK -- The latest mad cow disease outbreak in the United States is making headlines worldwide, but Cynthia Hufty piles four packs of T-bone steak into her shopping cart Friday afternoon.
No. of illegal Korean residents in US ‘spikes‘
NEW YORK — For most people, a traffic violation costs money and points. But for Lee, it can terminate her life in America.