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Sun, October 1, 2023 | 01:08
Why sell on e-commerce?
SEATTLE - So why does it seem like everyone and their mothers are selling something online these days? Probably because many everyday people are trying to make money.
Amazon, we finally meet
SEATTLE - What do a traditional Yeongju hand plow, aka “homi,” and a good old Korean grandma-style mink blanket donning a huge crouching tiger have in common? They're the latest hot sellers on Amazon.
Koreans in US join boycott of Japan
SEATTLE - Song Ji-hye always stocked up on Japanese curry, tsuyu and miso when she shopped at her local Asian supermarket. Now, all three have been permanently cut from her grocery list.
YouTuber hits the spot with easy Asian recipes, humor
SACRAMENTO, Calif. _ When Seonkyoung Longest began cooking Korean food out of her small Mississippi kitchen with little to no fresh Korean ingredients, she didn't dare to dream that, in just a few years, she would become a YouTube celebrity chef.
Americans pay little attention to summit
SEATTLE - All eyes in Korea are fixated on the follow-up summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump.
Korean product manager says grit got him to Facebook
MENLO PARK, California -- For Choi Jeong-suh, life did not always go as planned. He ran two unsuccessful fashion startups, dabbled in sales, made some money selling pork online, got a master's degree from a top Ivy League school, landed a job at eBay and now works at Facebook.
Korean programmer powering Pokemon Go
SEATTLE - Many think Pokemon Go's glory days are over, but Park Sang-min says not so fast. He should know, since he's the person responsible for the server holding up the mobile megahit that took over the world in 2016.
[INTERVIEW] A Korean behind Siri's next technology
SEATTLE - When Jeong Min-woo began his master's program in natural language processing (NLP) at Pohang University of Science and Technology 15 year ago, he had no idea that artificial intelligence (AI) would become the next big thing.
[INTERVIEW] Korean linguist leads way in making Google Assistant smarter
In the eyes of many, Choe Hyun-jeong has a dream job. She works at Google's world headquarters, spearheading next-generation technology and overseeing hundreds of staff at the tech powerhouse.
[INTERVIEW] Korean designs way into Photoshop
SAN JOSE - If you use Photoshop, you are right at the user-end of experiencing the output of Byun Hyung-hwan's hard work at the Adobe world headquarters in Silicon Valley. He is one of six user experience (UX) designers in the creative software giant's Photoshop team. “I was first introduced to Photoshop when I was 10, playing around with basic photo editing and making animat...
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