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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 03:53
Negativity peaks in US election homestretch
NEW YORK ― With the U.S. election campaign entering its final week, here’s what we know about today’s America: Women are paid less for doing the same work as men, China is stealing American ideas and technology, the middle class is in danger and America as a whole is in trouble ― all in all, not exactly a pretty picture.
Korean campaign ‘bans’ voting in US
NEW YORK ― Management of a political campaign is already hard enough, but imagine running one that bans the mention of any candidate’s names, let alone the use of images that even hint at party affiliation. Sounds like some kind of reality show challenge?
Rebel votes for December
NEW YORK _ With just two months left till voting day, the conservative Saenuri Party is apparently keeping Korean expats high on their priority list by launching a cross-country campaign in the U.S. Based on their calculation, they’ve got this big chunk of voters in the bag.
Korean-American voters for Obama
NEW YORK ― With less than 50 days left till the U.S. presidential election, it’s unclear how swing voters and swing states will tilt the vote in a remarkably stable, yet tight race. But it seems as if Korean-Americans have generally decided which candidate they’re going to stand behind come November.
Bibimbap goes 'riceless' in US
NEW YORK ― At Mix & Go, you’re served what looks like a typical bowl of “bibimbap.” A nice pile of grilled and seasoned spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and onions is topped off with a perfectly fried sunny side up egg. But no matter how deep you dig, there’s one thing you won’t find ― rice.
Japanese-Americans’ quiet Dokdo fight
When it comes to Dokdo, the Korean society in the U.S. is vocal, emotional and all teeth and claws. There’s no backing down and they’re not shy about it. Oddly, their direct counterparts in the U.S. are just the opposite.
US fence-sitting on Dokdo row
NEW YORK -- Korea-Japan relations are getting rockier by the day, with stories about the bilateral standoff starting to take up more space, more often in U.S. print, television and online news.
What is the next ‘it’ after well-being?
NEW YORK ― So after a decade of ``well-being,’’ arguably the most overused marketing buzzword in Korea, the country has finally decided to move onto to the next big thing: healing.
Americans dance to ‘Gangnam Style’
NEW YORK _ For Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and BoA, the U.S. market was a tough and tricky one to crack. But not for PSY, the eccentric Korean singer and rapper who just happened to make perhaps the most successful U.S. debut in Korean music history.
Why overseas Koreans don’t vote
NEW YORK ― The upcoming Korean presidential election is a big deal ― and an even bigger one for Koreans overseas, or so we’re told.